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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by JasonFM, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. JasonFM

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    Im creating a new layout with my father in law. i have had this hobby in my blood since i grew up just never got this serious so he is going to finance it all for me for free. now iim working with a 4 x 6 foot area. im looking to be able to have two trains run at the same time but also have them able to obviousl switch tracks for some fun. i was thinking about a mountain wiht a train going through it and one a little aabove on the outside but im having a hard time creating a layout i have found PLENTy of layouts. my problem which was some what pointed ot by my father in law, is that the 9 3/4 turns are are sharp turns, they have 11 inch and 19 inch radius turns. he suggested i go with 11 or 19 due to some engines will look odd and some cars wll look odd when going over the shortest radius turn. by that i mean not aligning right on the track and hanging over. he is right i have passenger cars and they are long and do look funny. but this has seemed to put a damper on things cause those larger radius turns take up so much room. we are going to attemping to flex is all and see what we come up with. ne help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. HuskerN

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    I too like large curves, as I run larger 6 axle locos. Here is my 6x4 with a minimum radius of 14" (hidden), and 15" visible. Large curves eat up a lot of real estate, but I think you can still find a good balance on a 6x4.

  3. JasonFM

    JasonFM New Member

    thanks i might use yours as a start of mine hopefully i can get somewhere with this but see im looking for somethign with a lof of play in it that i can really have fun caus eill only build one of these
  4. Muddy Creek

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    Cool. Does he have any other daughters?;)

  5. siderod

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    Dibs on any of the young ones! :p :D :thumb:

  6. JasonFM

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    o geez no he does not anyways. so like i was saying im looking for some fun out of a train set, decent amount of switching, maybe a hill or two, a mountain wiht an over and under pass i dunno something neat. on a 4x6 platform
  7. cyb0rg

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    Like you, I'm limited on space, but not imagination! My layout had to be 4x6 or similar. I eventually came up with something I like that can be used in a 36"x80" space. Here's a few links I found helpful when creating a small layout:

    Mike's Small Trackplan Page
    I'm sure you'll find some inspiration here!

    RightTrack 5.0
    Mike uses this program. It's small, easy to use, and free.
    You can click the pictures on Mike's site and download a .zip
    file of the layout for use in this program.
  8. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    JasonFM: have a look at (Thor is a gauge member, too). He designs layouts for all sorts of situations.
    -taking a 2'x3' layout and doubling the size.
    -taking an HO layout and building a N gauge layout in the same space.
    -or just pinch husker's. It looks like a good design.
  9. Bob Morris

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    cybOrg, nice link to Mike's. He's got some great ideas!


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