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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by xbbox, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. xbbox

    xbbox Member

    Ok, I have a whole bunch of N Scale Bachmann ez track and I've pretty much had my fun with it for now. I have a 4' X 8' area that I just set the track up and run my train around for hours at a time. When I would think of another layout or something, I would tear it all down and redo it. I'm tired of looking at a blank area with just track on it though, and I have no imagination what so ever. So basically what I'm looking for is a nice flat layout that I can do. I don't want mountains or hills or anything like that cuz I don't have the knowledge or time to really do them. I do have 2 sets of risers and one set of the high piers, so elevation is not out of the question. I'm wanting to run to trains on there if possible, but all on one track. Something like an inner/outer track (not sure the proper name for it) that switches over to one another. At the time I currently have 5 right switches, and 2 left switches, but I will get more if need be to use for a yard, as I would rather use them for the layout at this time till I can get more cars.

    I'm looking for more of a construction/refinery type layout cuz my life pretty much revolves around it, I've been working in plants for almost 10 years now.
    Looking for a train yard.
    Looking for a shipping container yard cuz I like the TTX shipping units and I'm fixing to get some.

    That's about the only things I'm really wanting, any help will deffinately be appreciated. Thanks, Cory.
  2. jesso

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    Does this mean that your futuristic city with giant rodents is no more? :cry: I loved that layout.
  3. xbbox

    xbbox Member

    Yes, unfortunately so. They made a mess and was messing up my track, so I took them off. I loved it though, they would run around their cages trying to follow the train like they were gonna attack it or something. Lol!
  4. xbbox

    xbbox Member

    Anybody? Please?
  5. jesso

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    It is a little boring and I don't know if it will translate to the track that you have, but it follows the number of switches that you said you have. I am sure that others can come up with better stuff but here is my submission:

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  6. Chad

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    I have an idea in my head and as soon as i re-learn rts7 i'll post it.
  7. Chad

    Chad Member

    There is an error in it but you get the idea...

  8. YmeBP

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    :) i am going to try one or both of your suggestions w/ some nscale snap track i have. I've been suffering from a creative block/apprehension when it comes to layouts. I can play int eh desgin programs fine hehe, but actually operating the layout i come up w/ is another issue, so i think i'm going to mooch/leech when it comes to my next layout design.

    Thanks again!! :).
  9. Chad

    Chad Member

    I think that the best thing that you can do is play with the Atlas software, then there is no question about what to order or if the turns will work inside the area that you decided to play in.
  10. xbbox

    xbbox Member

    Cool, thanks. I really like this one. I'm gonna see what I can do with it tonight.

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