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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by mrazz, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. mrazz

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    I’m trying to plan an HO layout that is going to be 2 ft wide and built around the perimeter of my 12 x 12 room. I do plan to expand my layout beyond my 12 x 12 room in the future, but not now. I’ve decided to use L-Girder bench work. Can anyone suggest a way to build each section. By this I mean, does it make sense to start with an L-Girder section that is 8’ x 2’ and then add on to it, or do two 6’ x 2’ sections and add from there. Also, any suggestions on how to construct the corners? I want to be able accommodate 30” curves for 85 ft passenger cars. Any information will be helpful.

    Thanks, Mark
  2. Santa Fe Jack

    Santa Fe Jack Member

    I don't think it maters much exactly how you build this, unless you are thinking of moving it in sections some day. My only thought is to do 8-ft sections around the room, so that you can stick with 8-ft lumber and keep costs down. but the cost differential is probably not enough to make much difference.

    As for the curves, you should be able to easily lay a 30-inch diameter curve on the corner. Now, if you mean 30-inch radius, we00 -- that's another matter. Just lay it out and see what you can do. You gain a LOT of benefit here if you can somehow add a "gusset" to the inside of the corner section. That is, fill in the inside of the L in the corner with a triangular or curved piece. That will buy you a lot in terms of curve radii in the corners.
  3. mrazz

    mrazz New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I did mean 30" diameter, I have a fleet of Amtrak Phase III Superliner Cars. My son is a passenger train fanatic. The entire train is just shy of 8 feet long. I'm starting to wonder if 12 X 12 is going to be large enough.
  4. Triplex

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    For passenger cars, you'll want 30" radius, not diameter. Those will certainly fit in the corners. That assumes you're going all the way around all four walls, no gap. If there have to be turnback curves, you can just about forget about a passenger-oriented HO layout in this space. How do you get into the room/layout?

    What are your priorities?
  5. mrazz

    mrazz New Member

    I'm going to build a lift out gate. As far as building turnback curves, you're right, that won't work at all, that wasn't an option I considered. My son wants to work in the Walther's Union Station and platforms, not sure if I have enough room for that.
  6. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Hi mrazz

    Isn't the Walthers Union station in modular format? Then you can just use a piece of it instead of the whole kit?

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