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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Highlander1, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    Hi Folks

    As you can see from the avtar we don't have much room but once your in the loft there is just enough room to sit on a mini chair and work.

    My young son asked for a train set for Christmas a few years ago he got a 00 gauge but taking it appart t ohoover around the living room was useless so he decided it would be good to try the loft.

    What loft it's tiny we live in the main part of the loft so this was a minute remainder high in the roof.

    He decided to try N gauge so here we are If I can work out how to post pictures I will try and sesnd progress of the layout.

    I was up till 4.30 am the other weekend laying the ballast with PVA what a mess I couldn't go to bed until it was cleaned off the rails.

    Anyway now that we have taken an air line rom my garage to the floft we were able to spray the rails rusty coloured.

    The gravel doesn't budge and the wee loco runs fine.

    I had to take some wires from the far side of the track to even the voltage now it runs even.

    I will have millions of questions to ask Just thought I'd introduce us first.

    Cheers JB[​IMG]
  2. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    Sorry think I just posted this twice
  3. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Welcome to the Gauge, get to asking them questions so we can help! That looks really small, maybe instead of having the track in the middle you should run it around you, therefore you will have less bumping of heads against the roof. Since it will be N you can do a lot around you then.
  4. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    Thanks one question is how do I attach a picture so I can let you see what's going on.

    We thought about going round the outside but the space is tiny and trains etc could fall down into the eves never to be found again.

    Without the expense of a major renovation to the space we stuck to putting some flooring in and I built the table which is now a permanent fixture.

    nice to meet you cheers JB or should I say John and Dougs, Dougs being the 12 year old brains behind the idea.
  5. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    I should say the pictures are stored on zoom browser. if that helps.

    John & Dougs
  6. berraf

    berraf Member

    Welcome to the forum John and Doug :)
    To me it seems you have a good place to build your layout ;)
    It should be really interesting to follow your progress
  7. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    Good to meet you It is really cramped but we kind of got used to it make do and mend. cusions and an old bit of carpet help the knees. The roof slope is really in line withthe back when sitting down so it isn't so bad. Don't know how i'll get up there in another few years.

    Lets hope someone can talk me through how to post pictures. I won't put on lots but I find a picture can be much better at explaining problems than 100 words. I an not a computer type person so this is really difficult for me to work out.

    Cheers John &Dougs
  8. berraf

    berraf Member

    I hope you can post some pictures of your work soon and I really would like to see you guys with the kneeprotection bit of carpet doing the work ;)
  9. jambo101

    jambo101 Member

    One way to post pictures is when you click on the "new post" or "post reply" if you scroll down you will see a section called "manage attachments" click on it and upload your pics from your files or from a url like photo bucket.
  10. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    Thanks for the advice I have tried this all day frightened to down load any more programmes at moment I really am not computer literate.

    here goes another try nope when I press to upload it says uploading files please wait then nothing.

    Regards JB
  11. Highlander1

    Highlander1 Member

    last try[​IMG]

    It has just given me access to another bit protocol hypertext transfer

    created not avaliable modified not avaliable size not avalialbe dimensions 28x30 pixels.

    Ok so who said anything about quitting I chopped the thing and found a way of saving the pixels dont know if I could ever do it again anyway here it is unfinished bit of layout with crushed gravel and waethered track the hills just at indication stage.

    I worn out now never spent so long at a computer in my life.

    Cheers JB

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  12. jambo101

    jambo101 Member

    i sympathize with your lack of computer savvy as i am a 60yr old with similar challenges when it comes to modern technology.Cell phones and digital cameras are also on my list of head usual solution to tech problems is ask my 12yr old daughter:D Suggested by another member this "irfan image resizer"
    was very useful when it came to getting my uploadable picture to the right size..
  13. berraf

    berraf Member

    Great that you made it and was able to post a picture and the picture is great. You have made a great job with the track. Looks really good :wave:
    I'm looking forward to see more :)

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