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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Sticky Fingers, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. A while back (April or so) I mentioned that I was going to get a small Bench lathe to go with the turret model I bought. Ordered it last week. Expect in mid Nov.. I'm going to pick it up in the Pittsburg area so I have an excuse to stop at the USAF museum in Dayton and the AirZoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan. With maybe a side trip to Greenfield Village. This is a link to what I am getting. A definite step up from a 9x20 Jet
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    I have been working on a lathe too, my dad's Jet, been facinated by wood turning and whenever i am over at their place i try to get some turning in.

    My mom suggested something outlandish, stop buying paper models and save for my own lathe, HA

    as soon as i get my own house ma

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    Nice Machine--Mine's a bit smaller--but I don't know what I'd do without it. Made a lot of out of production parts for my lawn and garden equipment, as well as a few model steam engines and other toys. Metric threading's a nice touch. I guess you'll be following in my path--a mid-sized milling machine's the next obvious step. Hope you've got an understanding wife....I converted mine when she saw how much money (and time) we were saving on repair bills for our equipment. Check out http:\\ for lots of great metal working books and projects.
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    Nice Lathe...,


    It reminds me of South Bend lathes that were and still are very popular in home shops. Has just the right feature set for complete project coverage. Now for the vertical mill, a shaper, and grinding mill for a complete prototype tool shop.

    Once you've established the shop how about making precision tools for cardmodelers?

    Best regards, Gil
  5. The mill comes after tax time. Along with maybe a surface grinder and a Bandsaw. The most likely mill is something on this order. Have to watch my overall height pretty closely. As for precision tools for card modelers the most likely tools are machined cutting guides but for that you really need CNC. The main use for this hobby is very precise forming rings for cylindrical sections. And no it is not a good enough reason to buy the lathe and mill. or
  6. Brought the lathe home yesterday from Pittsburg. Left Wheeling for Pittsburg at 7 AM EST and got into SE WI at 8:30 CST (and yes my butt was sore). Getting it set-up and running is gonna take a while due to the Holidays. As an aside if you go to the USAF Museum in Dayton learn how to use your camera and its exposure settings. When shooting on automatic with a digital due to the light conditions a lot of shots did not turn out very well. Excellent musuem to visit. Aircraft range from a repro of the Wright Military Flyer to the F-22, B-2 Spirit, X-45, Bird of Prey, B1B and a lot of stuff in between. Had to skip the Airzoo and Greenfield Village due to waether considerations
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    I'm learning how to use a CNC machining centre (a Datron M35, using VX software) and guys, it is hard work! Maybe it is the result of 47 years of loosing neurons, but after 6 months (OK, I do a lot of other stuff besides!) I am still only barely CNC-capable! Immensely powerful process though, and I still can't quite believe I get paid to use it! I have a dinky little Unimat 3 lathe at home, but it is in our garage which is stuffed full of junk just now. Maybe a Christmas holiday project to clear it out. Maybe....

    Tim P

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