New Klingon Vor´cha-Cruiser

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by D-WHALE, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    I have re-colored my old design (it´s the right one:mrgreen:)!
    watch out:mrgreen:

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  2. Jaybats

    Jaybats Member

  3. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Nice model. I used to have a p*&"!@c model of this ship, this looks nice.

    Is it download'able.
  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    kool <= Klingon for cool.
  5. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Nice model, even better with the new texture!! I didnt'have noticed the amazing detail that you put on this ship, congrats!! :thumb:
  6. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Excellent! Very fine job. Not one of my favorite Trek ships, but your work is very well done!:thumb:
  7. knife

    knife Member

    I like the new colors. Thanks for sharing your efforts. I salute your skills.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Well done!
  9. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    Okay thanks guys for the congratulations! here are some screenshots from the new plan!
    but here the bad news: the model is NOT A FREE DOWNLOAD!!!:twisted::twisted::twisted:

    Not yetsign1 wait some few months! I have an idea and I need some time to realize that! maybe then it comes together with a re-colored Galor/Keldon and a NEW ship:rolleyes: !

    C U and here the pics:wave:

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  10. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    So your 'weathering' all the ships?

  11. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    Hi Stev0!
    no it´s a special edtion with a huge model!:cool:

    TOP SECRET:twisted:


    ARMORMAN Guest

  13. Perry

    Perry New Member

    Uhmmm "special edition with a huge model"?... maybe something... romulan? ghgh... ok ok... do not reply... I'm only speculating :-D

    I was going to print the vor'cha but I'll wait for the retextured one ( unfortunately I've just finished the galor and keldon... doh! )

    Anyway... EXCELLENT work... keep going!

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I'm gonna guess the time displacement ship from Voyager (Year of Living in Hell).
  15. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    No, its not Romulan! and it is not the Nebula or the Krenim Timeship! these models comes seperat!!!:mrgreen:
    but enough of words! I must design, not speak!:wave:

  16. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    The Scimitar!!!! Not everyone's cup of tea but it is a massive ship. And in my opinion, a very nice looking, menacing ship.

    Pity it's not Romulan, I've beenwaiting for some to offer us the Valdore. :(

    Can't wait to see what you have in store D-Whale, I'm sure it will be awesome, I love your Galor and Keldon models.
  17. Nexus9

    Nexus9 Member

    Hi D-Whale. Very nice. D'akhma Ch'ekh.
  18. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    No Skip! the Reman Scimitar is not the huge ship:mrgreen: the thing is too complicated for me!:cry:
    but for the Galor/Keldon I have a Question foe the specialists:
    what kind of texture is better?:confused:
    on the first pics you can see a screenshot of the Galor! one shot with black lines (original) an one with brown lines (re-colored)!

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  19. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    now: 1. Black lines - rusty surface

    2. Black lines - brightdirty surface

    3. Black lines - darkdirty surface

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  20. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    4. Brown lines - rusty surface

    5. Brown lines - brightdirty surface

    6. Brown lines - darkdirty surface

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