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    Hi everyone,

    There is another new and beautiful design by Dr. Emil Zarkov of ModelArt and the first one to build it and send me pictures of the assembly process will receive a free download version of the kit of his/her choice. Please read also the history of the real thing, which is included in the kit.

    The kit can be found at:

    Enjoy, Moshe Lemer, ML Card Models
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    Well, not everyone reads everything all the time... Some people are actualy away from the internet sometime.
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    Nice offer. I'm working on it now....taking pictures along the way. Thanks.
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    Thanks for taking up the challange, 3Tuner and Milenio3 :thumb:

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    Another free download

    Hi everyone,

    Emil Zarkov of ModelArt is offering another free download. This time, it's the 1/32 Avia B-135. You can download it at:
    A shortcut to the download page is on the menu on the left of the front page.

    Also, the first one to send me pictures of the assembly process, will receive a free download of his/her choice from the list of kits that I carry.

    Moshe Lemer, ML Card Models
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    Thanks for the quick build. Please send me a pm with your chice of a free kit and I'll send you the link.


    This race is now closed.

    Thanks, Moshe

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