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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by dool75, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. dool75

    dool75 New Member

    i just got intersted in paper models so i am mostly ghosting and downloading
  2. dool75

    dool75 New Member

  3. dool75

    dool75 New Member

    a new post
  4. dool75

    dool75 New Member

    had to do five posts i guess to download stuff
    this is # 5
  5. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Welcome. Please join one of the forum threads that interest you, ask questions and have fun!
  6. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Welcome aboard! Lot's to choose from in the downloads and more than enough tips, techniques, and ideas in the build threads. What are you interested in building?

  7. Unofficial Welcome Wagon

    Welcome to the Forum! :thumb:

    LRG :cool:
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