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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Buddog, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Buddog

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    Webmaster I looked at your site's track plans (looks like it is gooing to be a really nice layout can't wait to see pictures:thumb: ) I am going to consider using similar saging on mine

    Andrew a duct under would not be so bad for me as I am still young but if my father comes over (which he will) to run locomtives he'd have a very hard time with one that large..

    I thought I would let you all know have started to redesign the track plan using allot of the suggestions / ideas you all have given, once it is done I will post it and see what the responce is.

    One other question, I have been using RTS to design my plan so far and it only has 15", 18" and 22" radius curves:curse: . I want 20" is there a FREE program that I could use to do this?

    If i can't find one I think I might use AutoCAD as I know that program fairly well, it just would be allot easier if Atlas had 20" radius track...

    I do really want this plan to have as few flaws as possible, so I'm going to keep pluging away until I am at that point..

    Thank you all agian for your help / suggestions

  2. webmaster

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    Bulldog, you can always use the flex track on RTS. A little trick I've found is to insert the flex track, then go to Form Flex track (the button below), set both point A & point B to zero, then hit the optimize button. It usually comes out OK, sometimes you have to tweak it slightly.
  3. in RTS you can specify a curve radius and angle from 0-90 degrees for any flextrack, allowing your 20" curves as needed
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    You can also get XTrkCAD from for free. It is more advanced than RTS from what I understand. (I cannot run either, as I use a Mac at home). Guys in our modular club like it a lot, although they do recommend doing the tutorial to make the learning curve a little less steep... If youa re familiar with various CAD programs that should also help.

    As for the duck under - if you put the layout height at ~50", and keep the underside relatively neat, your father should be able to "roll under" on the office chair you have at your workbench.

  5. Buddog

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    Webmaster, You know I have been using RTS for a few months now and never even noticed that in the form flex track part it tells you what the min raduis is:oops: .

    "in RTS you can specify a curve radius and angle from 0-90 degrees for any flextrack, allowing your 20" curves as needed"

    Screwysquirrel I did not know that either, that will help out allot.

    "As for the duck under - if you put the layout height at ~50", and keep the underside relatively neat, your father should be able to "roll under" on the office chair you have at your workbench."

    That's a great idea I might just do that

  6. Buddog

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    Well here is what I have come up with a few changes here and there, used alot of the suggestions all the radius' are 20" now and added a few industries and major senery:D . Hope it looks good to all you if not please point out any mistakes I may have made..


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  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Couple of comments as they occur to me...

    If I recall correctly, the duckunder/rollunder ;) is at the bottom. It is quite a long distance to get under - is there any way to "rotate" the entire layout so a narrower portion of the plan can be in that spot?

    In a related comment, I know I had previously said that you'd be able to operate a wide section like that from both sides, but now it appears as if the town may interfere with that...

    The "yard" does not really have a traditional looking throat (series of turnouts) and the track seems to "wander" every so slightly. Have you thought more about how this will be used?

    If you want to save some space, the round house can be pushed to the left (i.e. nearer the wall), with some of the stalls becoming "dummies" against the backdrop/wall. If you need them all to be operational, then please ignore this suggestion.

    One last comment related to the roundhouse is that I would have an inbound and outbound track from the turntable; otherwise you may end up restricting operations too much.

    The sawmill may be a bit of a reach for uncoupling and/or rerailing cars (if necessary). Same for the brewery in the other corner.

    All that said, I do really like the harbour scene - it has the potential to become a real focus. I like the river that leads to the harbour - it will help tie the scenes together, which in turn may make the layout feel bigger.

    I think that you have balanced a decent number of industries for operational fun - especially if you consider that your steam facility will act as a fairly major industry.

    If you do want to do some staging (on the same level - "surround staging" or below) now is the time to figure out how to work it in.

  8. Buddog

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    You are right that is a large duct under I could move the town to follow the mian line on the right and reduce the width of the ductunder.

    I will be useing it as a ( I'm going to get it for saying this) storage yard and stageing, I think having a yard there would help the look of the engine facility. the wandering track is more of the fact I am still tring to get the hang of this program.

    As for the Roundhouse, I would like to use all the stalls of the so that will have to stay as is.

    I have played with that idea and it will work :thumb: I will have to relocate the one station though

    I'm not sure how else I would be able to get them in there it is a reach yes about 27-30" to the farest point.

    Well I do have some more work to do, but I do feel I am getting close to what I want.

    Showed the plan to the wife for the first time on Sunday she is almost as excited about it as I. All she likes to see is the Big Boys running..:D


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