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    I must say, one of the first things I am learning is that it seems that a lot of the interesting models i have found, are A4 and not US letter, hoping i can learn a fix for this. I recently got into paper craft as a way to get therapy for a hand injury. then, i think a touch of addiction kicked in. being new, i am sure i will ask all kinds of dumb questions, but that seems like all part of it.
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    photo added

    i think i was able to add a photo of what i have completed recently. it may not look like much, but with only partial use of left hand, it is quite an accomplishment in my book, and has been a huge mark of being able to function again. my hand was rather damaged in an accident, and it has taken a while for healing. the papercraft i have been doing seems to be working amazingly well to stimulate nerve growth and aid in healing, and a lot of fun. if the photo is not in my album, here is a link to it:

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    Nice models! :welcome1: to the forum. You are no beginner. We hope to see more of your work. I took the liberty of uploading the picture. You do this in the "Go Advanced" mode, and click on "Manage Attachments and navigate towards the picture,and upload it. Hope to see more of your work, and welcome aboard.! :)


    Welcome from Portage, IN!
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    Zanthros - thank you for uploading that, i appreciate it. Armorman - hello fellow Hoosier! I am amazed at how much information can be found here, i have definately found a fun and creative outlet, i am sure there will be plenty more photos along the way, and probably all kinds of questions. (hopefully i will ask only after i search the forums, and try not to ask the same question for a 2,893rd time on the best type of blade or glue. granted i am currently still experimenting with glues, and have several i seem to use depending on what it is and how strong i need it or a similar reasoning.
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    It's "zathros", but "zanthros" reminds me of a really neat old guy who used to always call me that! :)

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