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Discussion in 'Extended Mediums' started by garyj36, Nov 15, 2004.

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    In spite of poor results so far. I continue to be interested in these models due to the low cost and huge detail. Would it be heresy to laminate one of these kits to plastic sheet to make things stiffer and easier (for me anyway) . I allready scratchbuild with sheet plastic. Im just crushing too many parts and miss my solvent cement. Gary
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    Nah. Whatever you need to do to get the job done with good results will work. If you're a "Purest" then don't even think about it, but most of us aren't so go ahead and use the plastic. I've even read somewhere (i don't remember may have been on this forum somewhere) that a guy uses super glue to coat all of the 1mm card parts and they essentially get a plasticy finish and become bendable and more sandable. Don't worry about "rules" of making models just be creative and don't be afraid to give new ideas a try. Welcome to the group.
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    One of the denizens of these forums (wunwinglow - I think) has worked out
    a technique to print directly onto styrene sheet. (From memory) some of his work can be found at Sounds pretty much like your


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    I did a sucsessfull (semi) printing experiment on .015 sheet tonight. I also am trying my digital navy admirable class again. This time on 110 lb bristol laminated to .015 sheet to give a glueable surface. I'm dying to get this down so I can try the JSC kits. The thing about the paper models Ive noticed is value for the money. So adding the nothing cost of streyne sheet. And I still have a wide selection of every countries ships in a big scale that will still leave me able to eat. Try that with resin. Gary
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    Wunwinglow has printed on styrene stock and so have I. It is a great alternate to paper especially when water and high humidity environments are and issue. Another method of stiffening card is the use of "Wood Hardener" by Minwax. This hardens the paper appreciably strengthening load bearing elements for a more robust structure. It does change paper slightly making it somewhat more translucent so you'll have to experiment with it a bit. You might want to try it. Another method is to coat the paper with lacquer. Lacquer waterproofs and stiffens cardstock so waterbased cements and paints can be used without worry. Shellac also works well and is low in cost.

    Best regards, Gil
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    Hi Guys, sorry I've been off-air for a few days, work, family, you know the score. Gary, as Gil and Charlie mentioned, I tried printing onto styrene sheet with an Epson C82 inkjet. More details at for a direct link.

    Guys, I just got a new toy; an OKI DP5000 printer, exactly like an ALPS 5000, but a different sticker on the front. I am still setting it up right now, but it looks very useful. It prints white and metallics, as well as normal colours.

    Tim P

    PS Denizen! Cool! Is that like a Citizen, except I live in a den rather than a city? AAAOOOOOOOOOO!!
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    Excuses, excuses, excuses..., we know you've gone off on another terminal change of interest vector once again. Next we'll all see dazzling models already painted with all sorts of different metals still steaming hot off the Ol' printer. Make sure you show us the results and no printing water slides. Want to see the dry transfer stuff that you've been so quiet about but know you've been fooling with....,

    Nosey, Gil
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    Oh come on Gil!! When did I EVER actually finish ANYTHING!!

    Tim P, King Procrastinator and Putter-Off of All Things, High Priest of Delay, Obfuscator Fiscal and General Waste of Space.....

    PS, Oh, and check out I'm so good, I can distract others with a mere URL!! MwaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaa!!
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    I like that! Can I hijack it for my sig on another forum?
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    Widget, be my guest. I'll never get around to using it again.....

    Tim P
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    What is this "plas-tick" stuff you speak of?
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    DANG IT !! Talk about brainfarts....
    I just realized what you meant. (roll eyes)

    I may be a little slow,but I get there. :)-
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    :D :) :lol:

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