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    does anyone know of any new (computer prepared)helicopter kits especilly of euro and russian helis i have several by gpm and some are auful with poor fit and many "gremlins" in the printing due to there age
  2. rickstef

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    in one word no,

    in more words, no unfortunately, the closest i can think of, is the Hobby Model Rooivalk, South Africa's attack helicopter
    or the MM Apache, from 2004, one of the best computer drawn helos I have.


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    :cry:seems odd that theres tons of helis in as early kits none as late some of the gpm ones(old yellow cover) look like they were drawn with crayon
  4. knife

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    ModelArt has the H-34 in several versions. You can't get better fitting kits. Fiddler's Green has several simple models. Orlik has a BZ-1 early model helicopter.
  5. George B

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    Sorry for the link, I was unaware they were unauthorized scans.

    Kind regards,
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    Hit The Deck!!!!

    I hear the Hind kit from *Halinski* is pretty good.

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    The Fly UH-1 gunship is pretty impressive. Did one of those not too long ago recolouring it to match my boss' bird
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    Here is a link to an AH-6. You need Pepakura Viewer to open it.


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