New Haven Sharpie

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by zathros, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. zathros

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    I started modeling this as I am thinking about building the real thing. Sharpies draft very little water and are incredibly fast. Almost as fast as I whipped this up!! I think I would go with a traditional Marconi and Genoa set up. This boat is from 1923! @ 35' feet and 7.5" inches long, it is a bit long to tow, even though it is a lightweight. I'd like something half that size. It's nice to pipe dream. :)


    E2.jpg R1.jpg R3.jpg R4.jpg R5.jpg R6.jpg R7.jpg
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    Waiting to see the outcome of your design. There is a lack of small boats in the ship building thread. Almost all of the boats are depictions of the larger ships both modern and sails. After building the San Salvador, it has steered me into the smaller ships. I will probably go as large as a MTB or small sailboats like the one you have depicted here.
  3. zathros

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    You know me and final execution of models. I would like to see smaller boats too. I will keep developing this. Everything unfolds easily. If (when I am sure it's right) you want the templates for Hull, let me know what scale and I will give them to you. :)
  4. zathros

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    Boredom. :)

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