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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by newhaven, Sep 4, 2004.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a reliable switcher in HO scale that has the road name New haven in the McGinnis paint scheme. I tried looking on ebay over the last couple of months, but most of the products offered are old, old, old and I am not sure if they will work well.

    Other than that I could only find DCC models and I currently do not have the money to shell out for that type of engine, and my layout will be small with block control. It looks like most of the searches I have done on the internet or LHS have switchers that are DCC. Is this the new standard for switchers?

    I am not desperate as I just started benchwork, but it would be nice to round-out my engines before I get too far ahead.

    Thanks for any help.

    P.S. - I actually found a switcher on a New Haven historical society website, but with a membership to the society plus the cost of the engine it would come to the same price as a DCC engine ($100+)
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    Probably should have mentioned that I am looking for a diesel switcher like SW1200 or something like that.
  3. Hey, NH...

    Greetings from the NH West End! I checked out the photos of the model and it looks pretty darn good...certainly worth the 60.00. The only way that you can get the price down is to buy an undec and paint/decal the shell yourself. I had to do just that when I wanted to get an Erie RR NW2 switcher. I ended up locating an undec Kato NW2 and did the painting and decal work myself. The NH is one of those seldom released road the Erie, the Lackawanna, or the Susquehanna...and you kinda have to either put out the money or do the 'dec' work yourself. Let me know how you make out. Oh, did you think that you have to be a member to buy that switcher? It's for sale to anyone...but it'll sell out fast so if you want one, get it now. You won't find another one for a long time. ;)

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    Thanks for the the note. After looking at the NHRHTA website again it does look like I don't need to be a member. I will probably purchase it from them as opposed to purchasing an undecorated model and I would like to get up and running fairly soon.

    I just finished benchwork about a month ago and have been traveling on business since then. I was all set to begin laying some track for the Labor Day weekend, but I was sent to work in Mexico and won't return until this Friday. (I just bought a goodie bag with the last of the track I will need the previous weekend hoping to get a good long weekend in of laying track, but....:cry: .)

    So to make things easier I will purchase the switcher from NHRHTA for two reasons:
    1) my latest traveling hasn't allowed me to do much since I decided to get into the hobby in April after inheriting some old train stuff from my Grandpa that was taking up space at my parents
    2) I am somewhat lazy to do the detail work right now and excited to get something running as soon as I can:)


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