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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by train_lover_666, May 18, 2006.

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    Hello fellow train lovers, i love looking at trains, feeling trains oo just bieng with a train gets my ticker going. but i want to become a modelor how do i get started in this exciting world of train models i would like to build a track in my house which can bring me hot cups of coco in the morning before i go out to spot trains, anyone got any tips.
    tata for now ;)
  2. Meiriongwril

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    :wave: Hi and welcome!
    I guess first things first: scale. As you're posting on the N forum (I couldn't see you on HO), I assume you've decided on this scale (very wise!):)
    The next decision has to be where in your house/apartment you want the railway, and how much space in this area you can use for the railway. For example, if using a basement - can you have all that space? If a spare bedroom, does anyone else need part of that room? If running through the house (to bring cups of tea etc), will anyone else in the house object to that idea!? (By the way, I'm not sure N scale trains could actually carry anything but very small cups ...:D )
    Once you've got the location and size sorted, you want to decide on era and railroad. Are you going to be multi-era? Are you going to run a specific railroad, several ones from a similar region, your own fictitious railroad, or just mix it all up anyhow?
    Then you need to decide on track type: in N we have two main codes (i.e. height of rail): code 80 (which is too big prototypically but older and more recent models will run on it), and Code 55 (which is closer to prototypical scale, but some older models will need adapting because their wheel flanges are too deep).
    At this point you can think about track plans, maybe consulting books and websites that have a range of track plans.

    Hope this helps - keep us updated!:thumb:
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    Welcome To The Gauge train_lover_666. Enjoy Your Stay Here. You will find alot of information here.:wave: :wave: :wave:
  4. 3railguy

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    For transporting cups of hot cocoa, a three rail O gauge train work best for that. You'll need to find a hot cocoa machine with a spout that loads the cup. Coffee shops are a good start to find one.

    If you want to mess with N scale, I suggest a Kato K-1 Unitrack loop, a Kato F3 diesel and an assortment of Atlas cars along with an MRC power pack. This is quality stuff and expect to spend around $200. Life Like starter sets with SW-1200's or GP-20's can be had for $75 or less. These are are good engines but the cars, track, and power pack are sub quality.
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    Welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    An N scale train totin' a hot cup o' Joe around the kitchen? Sweet:thumb: Maybe look into a variation of the schnabel car to haul it as 9mm is a pretty narrow track, not given to easily balancing a 4" wide, 5" tall canister filled with a moving liquid. Even HO would test that idea so your better bet would be the large O or even G scales.
  6. hobokid

    hobokid thebull

    where you located at we have a fairly new tramp set up in baltimore.

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