New guy here with a 307 that needs some help

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    I'll have to admit, I joined the forum to see if I could find someone that might have a few parts for a American Flyer 307 engine.

    Some history. I have a little girl who will be 5 in May who just eats, sleeps, and lives Thomas the Tank engine. She has a fairly decent collection we've acquired in the last few years. Well, she saw my collection of model railroad stuff and now she'd like to see it run. Here's the catch, I've never had the 307 running because it's missing a few pieces. Anyone out there feel like helping to get this engine chuffing (as she would say) again? Doing the actual work on the engine isn't a problem. Perhaps I could trade engine work for engine parts?

    I'm a stay at home dad and to buy all of the parts required to get this little guy running would be out of the question.

    Thanks for your consideration!


    I hope I haven't broken any rules by posting this here. If I did, please either move it, or delete it.
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    Welcome to Zealot Dan!

    With a quick Google search, it seems like has what you (and I, as I also have a AF Atlantic but I don't remember what 300 series number it is) need. Here is a link directly to the parts diagram:

    Hopefully that helps you out.

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    Thank you for the welcome! I believe I've been to that site and wouldn't you believe it, the majority of the parts needed are out of stock!

    Here's the list of PNs needed.

    27 (out of stock) BRUSH
    29 (out of stock) BRUSH SPRING
    58 (out of stock) WHEEL & AXLE ASSEMBLY

    You get the idea.

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    If worst comes to worst, I'm sure there's a basket case 307 on eBay that you can parts-bash to work. It should be cheaper to fix than mine, as by the research I've done since you've posted this yesterday and resparked my interest in AF, which is a '48 and prior production 302 which has the cast boiler and metal tender. That is my one and only AF, as I would like to get more but HO scale takes up less space (barely) and has grown on me more. Check out the Whiskey River Railway thread when you get a chance, as I have a few older locomotives from the same vintage as our Flyers slowly being put back into service.

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    I got a couple of posts that contain pics that are waiting for approval.
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