New guy here: how much is this train set worth? (big pics)

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by mattcassel, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. mattcassel

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    Hope this is the right forum....

    Well back when I was 8 or so my parents decided to spoil me to the biggest degree possible and bought what every kid wanted, a custom model train set! Well 15 years later the once great train set is sitting in our basement gathering dust. I dont think that anyone has used it in the past 10 years. I dont really even know if it works very well. We stopped using it because the switches got sticky, the trains would get stuck or not work at all, and it was just not a priority to get it fixed. I also at one point decided to use the nicely detailed town and train station as the set for my micro machines war and subsequently a lot of the fin details on the set were broken (street lights, fences, people, etc.).

    I dont think it would take that much effort to get it working and looking good again but no one in my family is going to do it. Home renovations are the #1 priority right now and this is just going to be one more thing to deal with when it comes time to rip down this house.

    Pictures of the set are below. Size is approximately 3 feet deep by 6 feet wide. I have no idea what my dad paid for this set back in the day but the $1000 mark comes to mind. I'm not sure of the scale but the track rails are about 1 cm apart. We also have a big OH set around too (I think that's the right scale). I might get pics up of that too.

    I figure people on this site would be the best to ask on the dollar value of a set like this. Thanks for the help!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Welcome Aboard The-Gauge Matt. :wave: :wave:
  3. ezdays

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    Great looking set-up there. If you are looking to sell your stuff, we do have a buy/sell/trade forum below. If you are looking for an appraisal, you would have to go search someplace like eBay to get a comparison to what you have. Your best bet though is to go to a local hobby or train shop and talk to these people. Show them pictures and they might even come to your house and make you an offer. Selling a layout that has to be transported is difficult. None of your pictures shows any engines and very little rolling stock. Those are the things that have the most value, and then condition dictates value in this case.

    Good luck,
  4. petey

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    N Layout Value

    You have an "N" scale layout/equipment. Looks to be nicely done, with a well done control board/layout schematic. 3' X 6' is an easily accommodated size. While it's worth more than $500, I believe that figure to be an attainable goal. Try to sell it locally. The hobby shop recommendation above, is also worth looking into. They might push it on consignement
  5. Tileguy

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    Donate it to Toys for Tots.Your 1 time dream that came true can be reborn as another Dream come true.
    If you dont have time, Perhaps the Local hobby shop guys can doctor it up and get some PR for both of you.You can write it off on your taxes. Give a working engine and 8-12 cars with the set and sell the rest of the equipment on Ebay.
    Its a Win Win for everybody and just think how good you would feel knowing some lucky 8 year old kid is going to get a chance to relive your dream! :)
  6. shaygetz

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    I'm with Tileguy on this one. Sadly, layouts have little resale value, ask anyone whose built a basement empire, only to have to move and sell it with the house. Make-a-wish is another good charity to look into. Even a nursing homecould probably put it to good use. With the help of a local club, touch it up, throw in a loco and some cars, take the write off and sell the remainder on eBay or in our "Buy, Sell or Trade" forum.
  7. ausien

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    A big welcome to the Gauge Matt, the the previous post are right on the mark, resale price of layouts is nothing like the cost to build, all off the value is in your locos, rolling stock, and rareity, and condition play a very large part in that to. Kato is one of the best 3 or 4makes around in N scale today, and arguly the best make back when your father bought it 15 or so yrs ago... thanks for sharing your layout with us, it is a pity you cant, wont, or dont want to get it up and running, as it would keep me occupied for years buliding it up into an empire. I can only hope that one day you will get the erge to build a MRR again...have a good one..steve

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