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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by Bigal7311, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Been around model trains for a long time, started with Dad's American Flyers, and now started a 4x8 layout, 60's era, b&o. Work on the layout when I have time from coach a Pee-Wee AA hockey team.
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    welcome to the best MRRing site on the net :thumb:,there are hundreds of members here that can answer all your questions queries and ponderings :mrgreen:.cant wait to see the 4 by 8,but real quick,what scale do you model in? S like the old AF sets or something else?--josh
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    welcome aboard bigal
  6. Ralph

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    Glad you could join us!
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    Welcome. Come by the Coffee Pot in the Caboose. Wheeling has a good train store. I really like the one in Bridgeport across the river. Yes, been there a lot. Worked the Cabela's Grand Opening and then the store off and on for events. Later
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    You're at the best place on the net!!:yep:

    Welcome home sign1

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