New Gloster Meteor F.1

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by wings, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. wings

    wings New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been building plastic model airplanes for the past 30 years. But then a couple of years ago, I stumbled across Chip's (Fiddler's Green) website and built some of his free models and I became hooked on card modeling! It also made me want to design my own models.
    I just finished designing my first card model: a 1/32 scale Gloster Meteor F.1. It took me 6 months from start to finish. Hopefully my next model will be quicker to complete.


  2. mkchen

    mkchen New Member

    Looks outstanding, especially for a first effort! What software are you using for your design work? Looking forward to seeing some close-ups.

  3. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Gee, you certainly know which buttons to push on my dashboard! Am I your first customer??

    Tim P
  4. barry

    barry Active Member

    Looks brilliant the unlocked file comment should raise a few smiles round here (I hope)

  5. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Wings,

    Excellent job. u did a great job on your first model...keep designing, i think u have talent for design.
  6. wings

    wings New Member

    Thanks guys for your nice comments! I use Adobe Illustrator to design the model. I scan scale plans of the plane into my computer and import them as templates in Illustrator. I basically use trial and error to get the correct shape. People will find a way to defeat locked files, so I figured why bother locking it. Give them what they want and hopefully I will have a satisfied customer.


  7. jrts

    jrts Active Member



    Give up your day job, a great model keep going


  8. Horus

    Horus Member

    Hi Wings,
    Iv'e just seen your Meteor.
    Good Job.
    You are using the same method as I do for design :lol:
    I look forward to the next one.



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