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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by eddie_brunette, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.

    First of all: what a wonderful hobby. I only found out about card modeling, when my mom in law gave me a f1 ferrari card model, i was bitten. I've been in modeling(plastic) since I can remember, and was even member of IPMS SA at one stage.

    I have been browsing on web and card modeling is so much bigger than what I first thougt.

    I love detailed models especially WW2 warbirds. I did download some free models over the web, but the ones I really liked was from a site called:Modele kartonowe, but yeah I want warbirds, not pre ww2.

    A few questions:

    1) A site where I can buy models, but highly detailed.
    2)The tools of trade you guys are using constructing models. I am using my plastic model tools, but my problem is the glues you use. Ive complety destroyd a print when I used a wrong glue.

    Tx for this site

  2. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Glue is an interesting topic. Everybody has their favorite(s) - many people using different glues for different applications. Personally I've used nothing but Elmer's white glue so far - it works well enough (if not quickly) - and I've not found a need to try anything else. What I do is put a drop of elmer's on a piece of plastic (currently using a sandwich bag). I thin use toothpicks to apply to parts.
    They are working on the Wiki currently - there are some sites up already giving kits for sale. Halinski is one of the names of preprinted kits that are on the detailed side.
  3. Tx for reply, if you say white glue, I presume it is normal wood glue? Tx for the webside, checking it out.
  4. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    I use Elmer's all purpose glue (a white glue) which is not quite a wood glue - it is not quite as thick as wood glue and dries transparent. Many of the modellers here use this type.
    Couple of sites where you can purchase and download models:


    ML Card Models


    All of these have very detailed warbirds for sale.

  5. Loopy

    Loopy Member

    Wellcome Eddie!

    Good to have another modeller from South Africa in the fold. I bought glue from Walton's, (Craft Glue?) which works well for me. Finding a hobby shop in SA that stocks anything card or paper related seems to be impossible, but for tools you can take a look at stores that stock scrapbooking supplies. They have punches, knives and good quality paper as well. You'll probably have to order models via the net, but there is a couple of dealers that post on the forums, Jason from Hobby Factory being one.

  6. tx for the help
  7. abutt

    abutt Member

    Eddie...I've just re-discovered card/paper modeling after several years. Built the Graf Zepp and the Hindenburg from Polish paper kits with great success (and a lot of time). And then got away from paper. Now back and have ordered a Japanese Shinden late WWll kit from Scale Paper International. They have a large selection of all types...aircraft, ships, armor, etc.. I used "tacky" glue for most of the two airship models. The tacky type (thick CA) works well with paper, holding things together while they dry. Good luck

  8. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member


    "Elmer's Glue" may not be as universal a name as we Americans are led to believe. But, it is just your basic white school glue.

    Another popular brand is Aleen's Tacky Glue. It's alittle thicker than normal "school glue"
  9. tx. i will try the glue, at moment i am using "post office" glue, and works ok, except it is not very flexible, but Im still new, and open to learn
  10. Werner Smuts

    Werner Smuts Member

    Welcome Eddie, :wave: to add to loopy's reply..... yes, it's really difficult if not impossible to find any paper models in South Africa...... maybe some day :cry:

    As for the hobby.... isn't paper marvelous. I've never thought things can be made out of paper thats in some cases so realistic. Ya, stick with this hobby, you won't make a mistake! And the best of all...... it keeps you busy in a lot more cost effective ways than plastic, i can assure you!

    All of the best, keep in touch a please give me a shout, i'll gladly help where i can. But please talk to the peeps out there, we need to expand.... yes even try.......announce1 TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.......!!! sign1
  11. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    We havent already taken over? :D

    Welcome to the fold! Glad you made it here - I am sure you will get most any question answered. I use Aileens tacky glue myself. Wonderful stuff. Its basically thicker elmers white glue.
    p.s. I took care of your duplicate intros :)
  12. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    Model downloads

    Check out Gremir models ( GreMir Models ) for loads of downloadable warbirds, or the Paper Model Store (Paper Model Store) if you don't mind waiting for shipping.
    I really just use plain old Elmer's glue with a toothpick (not their 'school glue' though- too runny).
  13. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Oh yeah! Dont use that elmers blue gel glue stuff either..... ewwwwww
  14. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    So, I take it you don't want the tube I have of the blue stuff??? ;)

    Didin't take long to figure out it wasn't what I wanted.....
  15. Loopy

    Loopy Member


    I've checked at home, the glue is Bostik Art and Craft White Glue, bought at Waltons. They also stock hobby knives and cutting mats.

    Glue that I found at a scrapbooking store is Kuretake 2 Way Glue, in a pen-like applicator. The glue is blue, but like the Bostik, is clear when dry.

    Normally I use a toothpick to apply the glue when using the Bostik.

    Other stuff that I bought was a metal ruler, as plastic does not seem to play along. Always wondered what it was with plastic and sharp blades...?

    Even when ordering kits over the net from the USA, it works out cheaper than pl****ic, which is a bonus!

  16. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Since I didn't see it mentioned, I'd like to add that "Elmer's White Glue" is generically a "PVA" glue. That may be a bit easier to find internationally.
  17. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Excellent suggestion steve. Also as to the ruler get a steel one - aluminum loses to blades too..... :)
  18. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    If you can find a "tacky" white craft glue, try that. The "tacky" glue is a plain old white glue with a slightly lower water content. That makes it less likely to distort the paper parts you're gluing.

    For laminating parts, I like Avery GluStik, but any good office-type glue stick will work, I expect. Some people swear by the Uhu brand; I find it expensive and too fast-drying (sticks dry out before I'm done with them).

    For canopies, I use Weldbond, a rubber or acrylic-based craft glue, since white glue doesn't stick to clear plastic. Some modelers use special plastic cement for canopies (Testor's?); I haven't tried it yet.

    I also use super glue (ACC) when I need a strong joint or to strengthen small parts. Gap-filling ACC works nicely on landing gear and other load-bearing joints. Brush-on ACC can be used to strengthen small parts--it soaks into the paper and creates a plastic-like hardness. (Test it first; it can discolor some inks.)

    That's my bag of glue tricks--"tacky" craft glue for most assembly work, glue stick for laminations, rubber or acrylic based craft glue for canopies, ACC for strength and for metal parts.

    Have fun, and remember, the modeler's definition of glue: "the stuff you chew off your fingers."

    No worries,
  19. tx dudes!
    last night if figured that scissors sux!!! :) using a blade doesnt bend the paper
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