New Free Biplane From Modele Kartonowe

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by rmks2000, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. rmks2000

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    Modele Kartonowe (aka CardPlane) has issued another free and nicely detailed model - a 1926 Polish biplane, the WZ-X in 1:33 scale

    Modele kartonowe
  2. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat

    Don't be put off by funny file extensions - WinRar or Winzip will extract them OK. Just right-click and select "extract here" when you have them in the right folder
  3. cygielski

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    There's also a link to the open source compression software used right by the parts links.
  4. Janusz

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    Does anybody know how to open these files on a mac
    Regular Stuffit expander does not look to have any effect on them
    Please help
    Best regards
  5. looker

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