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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by magnut, Dec 21, 2011.

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    I get lost doing introductions, what to say, how much to say, so I'll say, hi I'm magnut. I'm a life long fan of paper sculpture, too ham fisted to do it myself, mad about model trains, couldn't stand dolls when a young girl, and always insisted on boys toys for presents.
    Well I'm approaching my seventh decade, and at long last I'm getting my own n guage model track layout. Have a son whose waited over 40 years to be able to get his own layout, so we've reached an accord. I donate a room, he builds the track, which because I loved the old GWR route down to Penzance, and he collects American locos, is going to be an International set up. No purists in this house, I enjoy playing too much for that. I want to see a war bonneted loco running on the Dawlish track and my GWR engines trundling through the Rockies, with my grandsons Japanese bullet train whizzing around disappearing inside Devonshire hills emerging next by my Cornish tin mines and passing by the Hoover Damn. I'll get the Alps in there somewhere as well, even if I have to extend up into the roof area.
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    WOW!!! Sounds like you have it all planed out, please post pics as you progress on it.

    Welcome to the forum, great to have you here. There are allot of great threads in the railroads section and good tips on building that will be helpful for you while building your layout.
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    :welcome1: to the forum magnut! Great to have you aboard. I still have a pile of N scale trains. It's a fun size to work with. Post lots of pics, we love the pics!!

    @Inky, Thanks again for the welcome wagon, just got out of the hospital with Pneumonia I asked in the other post what was next, well, I won't ask that anymore, technically, I just didn't, I commented on the question, a mere formality but legal .
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    Hello magnut I am also new to the forum but I really dug your story. Despite being more of a gamer I've always loved train sets and the whole steam engine to early 30s period of history. People really don't grasp how monumentally important trains were (and are) to history in this day and age of the car. My uncle also had a huge trainset built around his backyard and it was amazing to look at. A waterfall and everything! I hope to see more of your project as it approaches fruition!

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