New Fokker E-III (okay, several)

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Texman, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Bengt F

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    Duct Tape & PhotoBucket


    Thanks for putting up with my questions. I´ll try both now.

    By the way, it´s a cool avatar you´ve got - is it the aviator Jules Védrines, the only aviator to finish the air race from Paris to Madrid over the Pyrenées in 1911?

    Good Night from Stockholm,
  2. EricGoedkoop

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    It is indeed - good eye!

    That particular photo was taken upon his arrival in Madrid . . . . only to find that nobody was waiting for him. They had all given up and gone home.

    I started using that avatar while building Vedrines' Morane-Borel. That was six months ago, so maybe it's time for a change.
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    PhotoBucket - Import Pictures to The Forum?

    Hi Eric,

    Keep the fine avatar is my advice - it´s highly original!
    Thanks for the tip concerning PhotoBucket - I have opened an account there now. How do you move/import pics to the Forum here after selecting them?

    BTW, I saw your fine pics on the Web of the scratch build of the Morane-Borel aeroplane. It looks really beautiful - what an intricate rigging, and the small spoked wheels! Amazing! Do you always build in 1:48 scale?

    I like to build aeroplanes from WW I, too. I´m especially fond of Anthony Fokker´s designs (see the nice logo below) but also Willy Messersmitt´s.
    I have built a Fokker Dr. 1 and now I´m building two versions of the Fokker E. V/D. VIII monoplane (my absolute favourite) and of course the E. III Eindecker, in two versions (see the attached postcard pic below, of the dreaded German "Scourge").
    I´m also slowly working on a French Caudron G. 3 and will soon start work on the Werner Voss version of the Dr. 1 (from Sero-Warbirds, Roman Seissler´s design), which I have scanned and enlarged to 1:24.
    Another favourite aeroplane brand of mine is the all-metal Junkers.
    I´ve also started a project on a Junkers Ju-52/3m and I have a small Junkers "Junior" two-seater waiting...
    So many beatiful card models and so little time...


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  4. EricGoedkoop

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    Under your photos you'll see three lines of code. Copy the code and paste it into your post and the photo will appear.

    [quote]BTW, I saw your fine pics on the Web of the scratch build of the Morane-Borel aeroplane. It looks really beautiful - what an intricate rigging, and the small spoked wheels! Amazing! Do you always build in 1:48 scale?[/quote]

    Thanks for the kind words. I do stick to 1/48th pretty exclusively now - it's big enough to not make you cross-eyed but small enough to not be overwhelming.

    Of course, I have spent [i]weeks[/i] on that Grahame-White nacelle . . . .

    [quote]I´m building two versions of the Fokker E. V/D. VIII monoplane[/quote]

    Dare I ask what color the wings are going to be?

  5. Brian Williams

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    duct tape...

    i am a commercial building contractor, and i have a virtually unlimited supply of that stuff...thanks! i would have never though of that use for it. and the model looks great! i'm still in the preliminary stages of the build myself. i can't wait to see everyones results.
    take care,
  6. Bengt F

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    Fokker E. V / D. VIII Parasol-winged Monoplane - The Last Fokker WW I Eindecker

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the advice on how to use PhotoBucket. I used it to post the photos below - as a surprise the text came out a little bit too wide... sorry about that, folks!

    Re. the wing colour of the D.VIII:
    I´m actually experimenting with (the only) three card models of this aeroplane that I´ve been able to find up to date:

    1. The Fiddlers Green model. The first one I found. A bit too colourful for my taste. The dotted fold lines and the black contour lines are much too obvious (as they often are on the FG models), especially when you enlarge it a bit as I usually do. It is dark green and has a mixed camouflage pattern (and a triangular red-white scheme in the center) on the upper part of the wing similar to Fokker D. VIIs. I´ve enlarged it to A3 (297 x 420 mm) which gives it a span of about 40 centimeters.
    Moreover, this model is not so true to the original as it seems at a first glance. It has the Werner Voss´(early triplane) flying-China-kite grinning eyes on the engine cowling with a red-white zig-zag pattern around them combined with a rather infantile looking fire-spewing red dragon on the sides of the fuselage - one for the kiddies...
    Thin German Iron crosses on the wings, fuselage, and the tail (white), which by the way is too narrow and has to be resized to give it the correct slightly oval shape. The fuselage is not high enough at the rear end and the way it´s designed gives the horizontal stabilizer an unwanted downward slant when you fold it all together and the side lines to the front becomes crooked in front of the cockpit. If you try to correct it by cutting off some material in the back end, it becomes even lower. I guess I have to print another fuselage sheet and add just a little material to the front end, under the stabilizer, to make it less apparent. I assume it would have been better to construct the fuselage from four separate pieces, as is customary on many models. The engine is just a double-sided disc with an engine outline, so there is room for improvement here if you want to spend more time...
    It´s almost completed - a relatively easy build with no internal formers, so I printed it on thick, sturdy, matte 230 g/m2 photo paper. I´ve printed the backside of the fuselage sheet so that the visible interior is light grey-green (same as the outside fabric - perhaps it would have been better with a beige or light brown "unpainted" fabric colour) and I´ll probably scratch build a seat, stick and foot rests for the open cockpit, which are not provided in the kit. I have done some extensive touching up with coloured pencils and markers where the printed colour doesn´t quite coincide with the contours. The step and rear handles will also have to be scratch built, possibly also two new Spandau machine guns, which lack a lot of detail (for example the cooling tubes with all the elongated holes) and of course a wind shield, made from celluloid or a plastic sheet. Plus of course the rigging, which I haven´t even started doing yet. The wing and landing gear struts are very simple, to say the least, and I´ll use them as templates for new struts with the proper elongated oval shape and pointed ends. Oh, and there´s no tail skid - you have to make one yourself.

    2. The Polish KEL model, 1:50 scale. This model is quite good looking, in the correct Polish colour scheme, also with the camouflage pattern on the upper side of the wing. But for my poor eyesight it´s tiny (I could easily go cross-eyed and my fingers would be too large), so I scanned and enlarged it twice, with some bad loss of contrast and colour. I haven´t started on this one yet and I probably won´t for a while yet.

    After some searching I found a model at Slawomir Wojcik´s site, in Germany (he has a lot to choose from and VERY competitive prices!) I got it by mail last week:

    3. The Polish Maly Modelarz model, in 1:33 scale. Same scheme and colour pattern as nr 2 (with Polish markings in checkered red-white) but with a lot more detail.
    This is a very good model, albeit the offset print has a some mis-matching on my copy which I have spent many nights correcting by cloning in Photoshop. It has proper internal formers and wing spars and a very detailed Oberursel UR-III (or Goebel Goe-III) engine, with nine separate cylinders. I have scanned and enlarged it to 1:24 and the span will be close to 40 centimeters on this one, too. The instruction leaflet (in Polish) has several very clear and instructive drawings to aid the assembly.
    The little stabilizer wing between the wheels (a part of the landing gear construction) is a bit too high but this is easily corrected in Photoshop with a little cloning - the only slightly faulty detail I´ve found so far. I´ve also used the pencil tool to draw the number designations on the fuselage sides behind the cockpit. The wing is divided into three parts, so I have to be very careful in aligning the parts and cover 'skins' - probably best done face down on the workbench mat, letting it set overnight. This kit is complete with a cockpit interior with the pilot´s seat (it has even got seat belts!), control stick and instrument panel. The step and handles are also provided. The propeller is good looking, with a shaft and the proper curve. The rigging is the only thing that has to be added, as far as I can tell.

    When I have successfully completed the MM model, I´d like to try to 'scratch build' one, partly based on the lines of this model, in either 1:24 or preferably in 1:16 scale.
    I could perhaps get away with doing a dark green Dutch WW I scheme, in Photoshop or by hand paint with custom-made decals for the orange circular markings. I´d rather have it in a nice German WW I scheme but I don´t think I´d be able to manage the camouflage pattern. I might first have to buy an Illustrator vector program for my Mac and learn how to use it.

    (BTW, there is also a nice plastic model of this aeroplane from Eduard, but that´s of course a completely different ball game...)

    Here are some photos of present replicas of the E. V / D. VIII - isn´t she a beauty? I wouldn´t mind having one myself (or the smaller Fokker V.39) if I only had an Aerodrome and a pilot´s licence...
    She was a worthy successor to the Eindecker (E.) IV and the E. III that we´re presently building!
    Simple and elegant in shape and an excellent flyer, with exceptionally good climbing capability and aerobatic performance - she was meant to replace the 'standard' fighter Fokker D. VII biplane in 1918, had the war lasted over the winter of 1919. When the war was coming to an unfortunate end for Germany, hundreds of planes were secretly brought to Holland (by train) by Anthony Fokker (among them about twenty D. VIIIs), as the German post-war government didn´t have the means to pay for pending contracts with Fokker-Werke at Schwerin. (Interestingly, One Fokker D. VII was flown to Denmark by Hermann Goering and sold there). Some D. VIIIs went into service in Poland, a few to Scandinavia (Finland) and some planes even came to the US, as flying school trainers. (photo credit: by-line photographers/through


    Two images from Kermit Weeks´'Fantasy of Flight' Museum in the US:

    This one is from a Dutch exhibit, I believe:

    And a final photo showing the cockpit of an experimental flying replica beautifully built by Mr. Ron Arganbright, Tracy, California, in the US:

    Auf geht´s, Fliegerkameraden!:twisted:
  7. Bengt F

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    A Very Inspiring Thread on The Fokker E. III

    Hi all Fokker builders!

    Skimming through 'older' threads I found this one, with a construction report from Lukasz ('Swinger') on a build of a Fokker E. III from Kartonowy Swiat (nr 1/04).
    This masterpiece is certainly an inspiration to us all. Just look at the engine cylinders, the propeller, the wheels, the metallic plates and nose cowl, the cockpit, the rigging, the tail skid, the landing gear, the fabric seams, the machine gun with ammo... the list could go on forever.
    Card building at it´s finest. A lot can be learned by examining Lukasz´great close-ups:

    Let´s do our best but not compare too much with the experienced masters - we´ll get there...

    All the best, guys!
  8. Bengt F

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    Any Progress?

    Hi all!

    I was just wondering: is there any progress with your Fokker E-III models?
    I´m curious to see how the other models are coming on...

    with the best regards,
    euren Fliegerkamerade Bengt :twisted:
  9. cbg

    cbg Member

    Gotta finish my M2 first, Bengt. I'm still at the point I was back in January, namely at this stage:


    Not sure which E III version to tackle. . . I think "black 5" or the "grey". How about you?
  10. Bengt F

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    Which Fokker E. III Version?

    Hi CBG!

    That M2 looks very nice so far, and it´s BIG?
    How about the very nice KEK Habsheim version - thats the yellow one with the 'racing' banding in black & white and the all-black tail?
    One of the finest, for sure!
    I think the so called 'black' (green) version is already 'taken'... I´m building one of the grey versions, the standard German Air Service one. There is also the all-grey Austro-Hungarian '03.43' version, which still is available. In Harley-Davidson´s terms, "The Silent Grey Fellow".

    Hurry, hurry, step right up, folks - FOKKERS FOR FREE !!!

    Tschüß, CBG!
    Here´s a very good looking (Dutch) replica. Wouldn´t you like to have one, too? How about the Yin-Yang pattern on the wheel sides?:
  11. nx13688

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    I have the Austro-Hungarian 03.43 printed out, but I'm occupied right now with the Super Parasol, so I make no promises about getting to it!
    I did do a little re-coloring to add a more realistic texture to the wood parts and to stretch the cockpit parts per the comments in the various build threads, as well as to make the parts fit on a US letter-size sheet.
  12. Bengt F

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    Attention, All Fokker Builders!

    Hi all,

    If you haven´t seen this, behold and marvel:

    -this is a more in-depth report by Lukasz (Swinger) at the Polish Kartonwork-Forum, from start to finish. The model is built in 1:50 SCALE! Amazing details, wouldn´t you agree? Just look at the little LEGO man holding the Oberursel UR-1 engine!!!

    I bow to the artist Lukasz!
  13. cbg

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    @ Bengt: Yes, The M2 at 1:33 will give me a 42cm wingspan. Hope I have room for it.

    If I'm really feeling creative and want to spend time repainting, how about I do Hauptman Boelke's:


    or Hauptman Immelmann's:


    This would mean a bit more research. Are we building at our own pace? Has anyone claimed the Austro-Hungarian Navy A6? Maybe I should do that one.
  14. Bengt F

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    Fokkers E. III and E. IV

    Hi cbg,

    Oswald Boelcke´s aeroplane on this picture was of the E. IV type, with a 'raised' cockpit and a more powerful engine. It was also supplied with dual machine guns. The 'perforated' nose cowling is a distinctive feature of the E. IV type.
    Therefore, judging from the nose cowling and the slightly raised cockpit, Max Immelmann´s plane in this picture might also be an E. IV model.
    Might I suggest that you pick one of the newly released twelve E. III versions? For example, one of the Austro-Hungarian versions - as far as I know, no one has claimed any of them yet. I think this was Jim´s idea when he put forth the proposition that we should pick one each to build.
    However, if you are interested in a bit of modification or change of model type, that might be really interesting, too.
    Yes, of course we build at our own pace, for the sheer fun of it! Or as Darwin so elegantly put it: "We have ourselves an uncontest."
    I´m pretty occupied with other matters myself at the moment, so I haven´t done any cutting and glueing in a week now.

    It will be interesting to hear what you decide to build!
    Good luck with your build!

    signing off,
    Bengt Fredén
    PS. I hope Oswald Boelcke and Max Immelmann look down upon us from pilot´s heaven and smile...:grin:

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  15. cbg

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    As I said, more research. . .

    At this point I couldn't speak intelligently about differences between E. I, II, III, or IV.

    With that in mind, I'll stick to either the Austro-Hungarian Navy A6 or the KEK 103/15. Has anyone else claimed either?

    p.s. sorry Herr Boelcke, for not spell-checking your name.
  16. Bengt F

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    Miniature Machine Gun Bullets

    Atta´boy, Golden Bear!

    GO FOR IT! We have to show Lukasz that we can do it, too...
    ...albeit with a little practice first...

  17. Bengt F

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    Instrument Panels

    Golden Bear,

    Have you seen Lukasz´work on the control panel at the Kartonwork link above? Perfection, from both sides. Impressive, to say the least...

    Need help with an instrument panel for a specific aircraft?
    Write to "Mindaugas" on our sister forum -Forum HERE:
    (in the middle of the page, in English) panel&hilightuser=0&page=3

    Seems he´s more than willing to give anyone assistance in this field.


  18. Bengt F

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    To Wet Your Appetite, Fokker E-III Builders

    Hallo, Fliegerkameraden!

    Here is a picture from Cole Palen´s classics collection at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome, N. Y., of a Fokker E-III replica, together with some interesting facts: E III.htm

    Good luck with your builds!

    An unusual 'stealth' covering of cellon at Schwerin Fokker-Werke:
  19. Bengt F

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    Fokker E. III 1:1 scale

    Hi all Fokker builders!

    You just have to see this!
    I came across a Czech site, "Kindermay´s Flying Circus", and found an amusing picture of a guy laying out smoke in his back yard with the help of the prop on his (wingless) Fokker E. III:

    Some barbecue - I hope the neighbors are far away!
    Bengt :rofl:
  20. Bengt F

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    Fokker E.III Builds?

    Hi all,

    Is anybody building on their Fok E. III models? I´ve taken a "time out" myself for the time being and I´m very busy with gardening at the moment.
    Planting strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes, grafting apples, and the like . . . spring is here in Stockholm in full swing.


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