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    OK, I went to the museum yesterday and had a good day. First, I got to help the engineer inspect, get ready, and start the EMD MRS-1. It takes 2 to start it! I learned qute a bit during that 30 minutes. Here's the link to this loco.
    After warm up, we hooked up the train, did the brake test, loaded the passengers and I got to ride the cab the whole trip. After lunch, I started training as trainman, which is basically an on-board tour guide and docent. Everybody must be a qualiied trainman before being a brakeman before you can be a conductor before you can be a diesel engineer before you can be a steam fireman before you can be a steam engineer. Everybody has to pay their dues! The topic of various EMD's and GP this and thats and dash eights and geeps and so forth came up and here in lays the problem. I guess evrybody became interested in trains at an early age (for me, late steam and F-7's) and that lasted until puberty when cars and girls got in the way and became the major focus of my life. This lasted until I had kids of my own when I had an excuse to start looking at trains again. Now, there are more kinds of diesels than Carter has pills and I don't know any of them on site! They all look alike to me except for the F units. What I need is a web site that has pictures and brief descriptions of diesel locomotives over the last few decades. Ideas?
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    Hi there,

    I imagine you already tried searching under "identifying diesel locomotives" and such. I did and mostly found descriptions of books such as Kalmbach's Field Guide to Modern Locomotives. Buying the book might be the best way to go. As for sites that might yield some free info I have found one that compiled engineer operator's manuals. It includes photos of a good selection of E and F units, Geeps, SDs, and U boats, among other locos, giving a fair represenation of the evolution of diesels. Best of all it provides all of the technical info and photos of the insides of the cabs and controls. The site is at

    For the most up to date locomotives, I see that the EMD company page includes photos and descriptions of their latest products.

    Best of luck finding more!
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    Oh! I forgot to tell you that I enjoyed the web site you mentioned and the virtual tour of the locomotive!
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    George Elwood's site..... FYI

    George Elwood's Fallen Flags and Short Line Railroad Photos Website has moved from:


    I've donated a few of my own prototype photos to this site over the last year.

    Mostly Canadian Pacific Railroad M of W pix, but there are a few of Sperry Rail Detector #119 "Bob Owen" and a nifty Brandt Road Rail Power Unit as well.


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