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    Does any one here know anything about the New England Central?
    What I'm wondering is what roads made it up?
    I've seen three differant trains in action 2 in Brattleboro Vt. and one in Charlestown N.H. All three had three engine lash-ups with a veriaty of road names,Conrail,BN,and some other ones that where covered over. So I assume they bought the Conrail and BN from the swap shop.
    They are mostly hauling CN cars with some older Bangoor & Aroostock cars,with others of course,They did have some BN center beam flat cars with NEC reporting marks and one St.Mary's which I've never heard of.
    I'm just wondering about it as I dont hear much on this road.
    The local roads for my area are NEC, Gilford, Vermont Central, Green Moutian RR.
    The three I saw were long trains the one today was 81 cars long.
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    Shane the NEC had a extensive web site that I wandered onto a couple years ago. It had history, system map, photos, etc. I'd try a search engine and see what turned up.
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    I found one site on them that just had the maps,Apperantly thier part of a bigger system thats all over the US and Canada.

    But I would like to study the road a little further.

    Not that I'm going to give up the RI:D :) :D
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    As best as I can remember (always tricky at my age) they were owned by a company that specializes in buying by abandoned trackage and putting it back in service with shortline operations(God Bless em'). The site I found had photos of equipment, lists of rolling stock, etc. You may have to go backwards (go to the parent co. first) to get to it. What's a RI?:D
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    Whats an RI ?

    It stands for Chicago,Rock Island & Pacific. Theres a couple threads in here on the Rock Island. One in the HO section called Picking on the little guys, which is closed and the newer one is in general talk under Rock Island.

    Its the line that I model. I got pics in both threads. I do want to get more pics of the NEC I got a few today, I got lucky today the train was on the siding waiting for Amtrak so I got Pics of the new Amtrak engines.
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    Shane I was KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! :D :p :D
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    Looks like I got some egg on my face:D :D

    Usaly I've just taken a bunch of meds then go on line until they take effect. I'd plead "Senior Moment" but I'm not old enough yet.:)

    The funny thing is, is that for some reason I knew that you were kidding. I think my brain is gone to mush.
  8. The New England Central was formerly the Central Vermont, which was owned by the Canadian National. CN sold it to RailTex and RailTex was in turn merged with RailAmerica of Boca Raton, Florida. None of it was ever abandoned, nor does it operate any lines that were not operated by the CV.
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    That could be why theres so many CN and CV cars in the train.

    Does any one know about the Shamut Line? I have been told that the president of the Bangoor and Aroostock and the president of the Shamut was father and son by the name Dumaine.

    I was also told that the Shamuts engine road numbers were after fire arms 357..45.. ect. I think they did have a switcher that was number 45 with the word Colt written under the cab windows.

    The person who told me this the brother and son of the above.
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    As Shane has already said (and defended) the ROCK, I will go with my "namesake" :

    IMRL (Iowa & Missouri Rail Link), soon to be the ICE (IC&E, for Iowa, Chicago & Eastern) after merging with the DM&E (Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern).

    And who can forget the Georgia empire of the Gainesville Midland ???


    - George
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    Glad to hear from you again.You come and go so quick. Haven't had the time to sit and chat a while? Seems your awful busy. Did you get the house you where looking at?

    Oh BTW did you post your last post in the right thread? It sounds like you wanted Woodies thread on rail road companies.

    Glad you stopped by

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