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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by mttrain, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. mttrain

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    Hello everyone...

    Sometime in the new year, construction will begin on a new house, and some real estate has been appropriated... err, leased... for the dream layout in the basement. I negotiated a 14' x 34' area :D.

    The layout will be freelanced and be set in the transition era... so I kept the curves 20" and larger - "N" scale.

    Here's the lower level. No industry tracks have been put in place yet, and nothing is set in stone.

    Wonderful site you have here - Lot's of great ideas and information.

    -- Mike
    Link to large pic
  2. Thoroughbreed

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    Welcome aboard!!!
    Ya might wanna edit the above link and take out 1 of the http: references.:thumb:
    I wanna see the upper level!!
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  4. Triplex

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    The schematic shows that it's a good basic design.... for a complete layout. What's the upper level going to be like? Only then can I comment adequately on whether the design is good, missing something, or redundant.
  5. mttrain

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    Oooppps... link fixed...

    I'm still working on the upper level, which will represent a branch line, most likely more rugged mountain terrain and some mining operations and lighter through traffic. The plan is for a steel mill on the lower level just outside Taylor along the 14' wall, giving an onsite destination for some coal and ore.
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    Looks good to me!

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