New eBay scam to be wary of

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Pete, Aug 25, 2005.

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    The headline itself sounds fake. Most of the train headlines are like what road name it is along with what type it is like (SD-40-2) or something. But "most wanted RR train ever?" Man, that screams fake worse than plastic sugery. I don't feel sorry for them in the least bit for how dumb they are trying to pull off an honest railroader. Wonder if it's been reported to an investgator?
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    Yup! Just minutes after I saw it :)
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    Hi guys,
    Just read the threads about e-bay scums and got a message today, allegedly through network, which is written by a member who asks me if I am interested to buy an item similar to the one I tried to buy and failed asking how much I am prepared to pay and if I am interested at all - and when I puch the @answer@ botton it gets me to - which seems all right - but I am scared to enter my login and pass keeping in mind all these fraud stories.
    I als think it is against all rules. Whould I just disregard it, report this message to e-bay or answer?
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    e bay

    I would report this to ebay. It is directly against the rules and can hurt a lot of people.

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    Ok, I sent a message to them. Been there quite an amateur, thanks God I've read some posts here before answering - but to me it looks rather like an attempt to geal bypassing the system than to get my password etc - but I think it is too unsafe anyway to try to send money to someone who is just knocking at your mailbox!
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    The offer itself is against eBay's rules, but you could request that they put up the item(s) in auction format for you, just to cover both your butts.
    If the URL posted above is where the link actually took you to, it is safe as it's the eBay Germany site. You can always check by hovering your pointer over the link and see what address pops up in the bottom status bar.

    I've noticed recently that at least 8 accounts have been hijacked, and items listed on them that are priced 'too good to be true' and have a link specifying that the bidder contact the seller at such-and-such address (usually a yahoo one) where they can 'buy-it-now' or arrange for payment; or, they have a link saying something like "click here to see pictures".
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    There's just too much "Phising" going on out there. Any message received outside of the eBay site is suspect. Don't open any links or enter username/password on any of these. Forward it directly to They'll let you know if it's legit or not.

    Better to keep busy running trains...


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