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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Elliott, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Just posted four more Ed Bertschey models in the Downloads area
    Horse-drawn Hearse, Fordson tractor, cargo pods from "Silent Running" and the AQM-60 target drone with stand and Dodge truck.

    Also a reminder - a search in the Downloads area for smartgroups yields 40 additional models all saved by CharlieC's work.
    Architecture and Buildings 1
    Armor 2
    Display and Diorama Bits 2
    Mecha and Anime 6
    Movies, TV and Games 14
    Pioneer Era Aviation 1
    Propeller Driven Aviation 1
    Real Space 1
    Ships 1
    Tools 1
    Toys and Automata 6
    Translation 1
    Weapons 1
    Wheeled Vehicles 2

    Thanks CharlieC!

  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Super! Thanks a bunch Elliott :)
  3. Red

    Red Member

    Drone 1

    I would have posted a new thread but this will do.:mrgreen: (couldn't find the link to start one :confused: )
    after a lot of looking I found the three drones
    but i still need to get the cargo pod model dose some one still have that file and can they share it please. If it is ok with the creator of it ?

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  4. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    The cargo pods are available in the downloads section under Movies, TV Shows and Games. Just scroll down past the sub-categories and it is about half way down......just in case that should help. :wave:
  5. Red

    Red Member

    A Big Thank you sneaker I guess I couldn't' find my own head if it was not attached.
    I had looked but some how I missed it.:mrgreen:
    So is there any news on someone making a Valley forge to download and build from card?
  6. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    That would be an interesting design to see put to paper. Didn't the Valley Forge do double duty as the agroship on BSG TOS?

    No problem Red glad I could help.
  7. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

  8. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    Thanks for the pointer Elliott :thumb:

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