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Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by cmdrted, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Hi guys, Dr Zarkov has 3 new releases on his site, all downloadable of the Soviet bloc Trainer L-29 Delphin. It is available in 3 differant versions, A USSR trainer and Bulgarian trainer in what looks to be simulated bare aluminum finish and a cool Czech Republic bird in a tigerstripe camo finish. They come in Zip file/pdf formats and I downloaded the Czech version with no troubles. The kit has a very detailed 2 seat cockpit set that is about the same level of complexity of the OV-10A. It has a fairly detailed landing gear setup with wheel wells. It has 7 pages to be printed on card, 3 on regular type paper, 1 transparency and 10 pages of line drawing type instructions. Well it's out to the store for some colored ink and maybe I can get some time to finish off Shimakaze and on to this cool kit.
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    Does anyone know if the p-51 kits have weathering? Looks nice from the instructions

    John John
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    John John, the P-51 kits have no weathering the cockpits have a little shading as does the wheel well doors. the kits are very detailed and offer alittle relief from the Down to the nuts and bolts of the Halinski kit

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