New download available for a cardmodel from 1880, showing a »pleasure palace«

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Thomas Pleiner, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. New download available for a cardmodel from 1880, showing a »Summer Palace«

    Dear all,

    I'm happy to announce that since yesterday we have a available
    the oldest cardmodel in our range of historic cardmodels.
    From 1880 appr. we're introducing a 8-sheet cardmodel
    of a »SUMMER PALACE«.
    All sheets are sized 17.5 cm x 21.5 cm. They are arranged
    on an A4-format, but will fit also on a letter-format perfectly.

    Alle registered members may check the download-box
    top right on our forums's portal.
    (8 sheets PDF, 14.3 megabyte appr.)

    For all members - and visitors of course - we made available
    two new »cardmodel-portraits / assembly reports«.
    1) Castle »Bruneck« / J.F.Schreiber 1:90 (H0)

    2) Electro-Locomotive from 1925 (Reichsbahn) / Angraf 1:25

    Some updates about the Apollo 11 / Saturn V model-project
    can be read her:

    A new download-model (under construction) can be found - for registered
    members - here:
    The base is ready for download. The model shows a small bavarian castle
    from the 13th century in the valley of the danube river.

    Isn't this plenty of stuff to read and build for the holiday season?

    Have a pleasant week
    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner
    fon +49(0)8781 92347
    fax +49(0)8781 92521
    mobil +49(0)172 7530645
  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Thank you, Thomas!

    That Pleasure Palace is a very good looking model and is of excellent condition and design.
    Looks to be a very fun build.

    Thank you for all of your generosity!

  3. Dnlgtr

    Dnlgtr Member

    I want to join, But I can not do so.

    Mozilla uses google to translate the page and only translates the Registration entry page!! Once I click on ??????? to enter ALL text is German. I can't read German and I can't keep flipping back and forth between tabs to try to translate one sentence at a time.

    45 minutes in and I only have My Name E-mail and password chosen. I can't understand anything else, is there a COMPLETELY English Registration page??

    If not Then I will NOT be joining regardless of what free models you offer.

    Can't register if I can't read the page!!
  4. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Sometimes, I just can't keep quiet. And this will probably offend several folks, but. Instead of just joining for free models, why not think about joining for
    the camaraderie of cardmodelling? Or for the possibility of learning something
    about another language? Or for the possibility of seeing other well built models and maybe learning a new technique?

    It is Thomas' webpage, and it is his forum. If he chooses to keep it in his
    native language, he does not have to offer an english only registration page, or any other language.

    I am sure they will miss your happy little self.
    <Climbing down off of soapbox>

  5. FredZ KSAC

    FredZ KSAC Member

    Thomas, Thank you for this fine addition to the list of models showing the early days - VERY EARLY DAYS! - of paper modeling. They make a very interesting collection to show off. I also will be following your new castle design, looks very interesting. I do not read or speak German, but with the help of the translator at
    I am able to follow along O.K.
    Fred Z
  6. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member


    Summer palace would be a better translation of Lustschloss, Pleasure Palace brings to mind a house of ill repute or in German, "Pufflokal"...<G>

    Which reminds me of when I was in Karlsruhe back in the 80's and had just started to learn German, a friend wondered if we should go into the Oben ohne Bar, and I said, "Why? There is no bar upstairs..."

    Note: Oben ohne Bar= Toplessbar
  7. Rick,

    thank you for alerting me. And indeed this was what I feared.
    I have checked various dictionaries - but they all brought up
    this »pleasure« thing . . .
    I'll change it now to »Summer Palace« if it's possible . . .

    Thanks again and best regards
  8. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Awww Shucks...

    I kind of liked the original name myself...:twisted:

  9. Drewbot47

    Drewbot47 New Member

    I almost registered just to get the Pleasure Palace! :grin:
  10. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Vielen Dank Thomas..., -Gil

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