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    My sister, who is expecting my new niece to arrive any day now, decided in one of her tornadic house cleaning moments here a couple of weeks ago, to finally put my infant nephews death several years ago behind her. She had these two cherrywood curio cabinets that she kept a lot of Peyton's things in. Shoes, hospital bracelets, lock of hair, clothing, cards, photos, etc. in them. A lot of times, she'd just stare at them and start crying. It's refreshing to see that now that she's expecting another child that she has been able to try to put that in the past and part of that was putting those items away in her cedar chest and getting rid of the cabinets. She called me early last week and asked me if I wanted to have the cabinets for trains. I said sure, the only caveat that she had was that I used them for something fun. So, I went and picked them up and finally got around to putting them in the living room and adding some models. She came by yesterday while I was working on adding the trains and gave me a hand with them. It's been a real blessing, as she feels a lot better about the future and has finally let go of my nephew.

    The cabinets look great, and make a fine display for locomotives, cars and built up structures.



    Sorry about the lousy photo quality. Man, I can't wait until my new Canon XTi digital gets here!
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    The story makes up for the pictures..... That's a great tale, hopefully it will have a really happy continuance... with the new baby :) Best of luck to Mommy and the rest of you and your family :)

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