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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by RyanShort1, Mar 6, 2008.

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    By the way, anyone down San Antonio, TX way on May 10th is invited to this:

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    ...Well I'm not too fond of recon aircrafts, but wish the competition goes smoothly ^^
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    Ok, just a bump - hopefully an inspirational one. One of the things we hope to do at the Grasshopper Gathering this year is to show a new film that's in pre-release form right now that tells the story of these aircraft. Thought I'd show you a screenshot that just might hopefully give someone the inspiration to try and design a Stinson L-5.


    That would be General Patton talking with commanders just before boarding his L-5 to hop to the next point.

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    Ex L-5 Pilot

    Hopefully not too off topic- Ryan, I have quite a few hours logged in an L-5. Through the 70s I volunteered at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino, CA airport. I, and a couple other people, worked hard to get the museum's L-5 flying. I was privileged to fly it at local air shows and events for a couple years. The model we had was a "litter carrier" so the whole right side opened up so a stretcher could be put into it.

    Remember the old TV show "Black Sheep Squadron"? "My" L-5 was used several times when they needed shots of the General arriving on the island.

    I have lots of reminiscences about flying it. Half-flaps, drooped ailerons, taking off into a 40 MPH headwind at Mojave, and climbing out while going backwards is just one.
    That was a sweet bird. I wish my design skills were up to the task for this contest!

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