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    Hello Friends!
    After long time of stagnation I`m slowly wake up .
    Now first of some new accessories to 1-25 scale armor models from Panzer Hobby Art.
    My dream is ready soon. Decals to polish vehicles from east and west front. Big A4 format to save our money, 21 vehicles, most available as a paper-card or plastic models in 1-25 scale.
    More info about new products on 1-25 saf. com .
    I slowly collect specimens to german and allies vehicles too. All proposals in corel welcome.
    regards and welcome Piterpanzer
    i hope it`s a good dept. for this info.
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  2. zathros

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    Those are nice Decals. You forum is FREE right? No models for sale? Let me know, as we only allow links to "FREE" forums, I took a look and it seemed to be but since I do not read Polish, I will have to rely on your trustworthiness. Nice to have you posting again, please, do post some of your work. I know I would like to see it. :)


    Zathros, 1-25 Scale Armor Forum is free, Everybody can registrate after answer for question as a anti spam blocade. Question is so easy for armor fun. Navigation is in 3 languages for users comfort.
    Together/beside with forum is shopPanzer Hobby Art with models and accessories. Only armor from wwII. Not necessary participate in forum if You would like to buy and not necessary to buy if You are forums user. Lots of You are my Friends and Customers together or separately.
    My old models are here on the forum from long time, and new models-open project wait for finnish, when I get resin wheels and tracks to my stug.
    Regards Piterpanzer
  4. zathros

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    Sounds Great!! Thank You. It really pleases me that you are posting here. :)


    The first decals from PHA in shop.
    The price for A4 is 65PLN, what gives 3PLN for one model. Over all You find there road signs, landmark, spare eagles and emblems. The shipping cost You can calculate on Poczta Polska web site as a prioritate parcel to 2kg.
    You can follow Your parcel here
    Regular customers, as a registered customers have discount 3% and 5%.
    Welcome to visit.

    Please P.M. me for more information.
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    Thank-You...several of those will come in handy on my current build!

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