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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bob43, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    Hi everyone,
    Been very busy in the last month or so setting up the new web site, and I have only managed 2 new models - a Grumman Albatross and a Handley Page bomber (WW1).
    I have decided to charge a small fee for some of the models but the rest are free - have to recuperate something for the new site, ink card etc, but not enough to make me a millionaire.
    The free models are still available on the old site, but are also on the 'merchant' site . For some time I will link the old site to the new, and then see whether I should discard it when the new site becomes known.
    To get an idea of what people would like to build, I have an "e-survey" of the new site. Don't hesitate to tell me which of the 2 dozen models you would next like to see.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Bob S.
  2. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I would suggest setting up a domain forward from your old site to your new site. That should do the trick. Hope you drum up some cash!
  4. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Thank you!
  5. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Hey man, how do we pay you to get the models BTW? hehe :-D
  6. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    Aaaa I forgot...

    It's a pitty we have to pay for your models which were free before but be sure You'll get my 3 Euro when You do any airliner like B-737(T-43), B-757, A-310 in 1:72...
    Waiting for new models

  7. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    If you ever designed any planes, you would realise that the 3 euros is meant as a gesture, a note of thanks. On average, I spend about 70-100 hours on each model, make each model about 5-6 times of which half are inked, and on the basis of very critical (but excellent) e-mails concerning the model before it is launched entailing re-hashing the whole model, price of ink etc etc. Don't let me get depressed. I have already got a plane burn-out, and don't envisage making any more planes before Xmas, but prefer to make the Excellent models designed by Canon. Expensive indeed!
  8. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member


    Two years of struggle with the same model and thousand other things on my head (including my gipsy live;-), I think I know what You mean...
    But You didn't got my point. What I want to say, is like cheer up! I am the one who waits for Your passenger airplane models, nomater if they cost something or they are for free, because as all we know, they are quite rare.
    It is only a small pitty they were free before/ now they are not.
    Anyway, are You planning to do any passenger/cargo airplane?

  9. I thnk you can do whatever you wish they are your designs. So it is not a "pity" that you want a little something for your efforts.

    I would still like to see someone design a P-2. The ones avaialble are so far out of reach pricewise here in the U.S. that it is rediculous. If you need any help with research material I have plenty. there are three versions. SP-2E, SP-2V and the OP-2E. I would like to see all three available in one kit.
  10. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    Hi Cybermac,
    Sorry if I sounded angry (I was, but that's my problem).
    No, seriously, I am suffering from designer burn-out, and I think it will take a month or 2 before I 'do' another plane - at present, I am building other people's models, and not planes, but the Arc de Triomphe, French cathedrals etc.
    Also, passenger planes are at present not my thing; I like prop planes, and queer planes, like the Sikorsky S-40 which was my greatest challenge, and greatest fun (when finished, before I cursed and cursed), and the Handley Page. I'm afraid, that's me.
  11. Bob43

    Bob43 Model Designer Extrodinaire Cornerstone Member

    P2 - why not, but I haven't a 3D view (front back and sides). Can xou supply?

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