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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by edburchell, May 23, 2006.

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    Here are some pics of my new freelanced layout, the Canadian Eastern. Here's a bit of history about the railroad. The now bankrupt Iron Ridge Railroad still had 4 locomotives in it's roster and no track to run them on. While on vacation in Ontario, CEO Ed Burchell noticed a stretch of track between the CP and CN while railfanning. Upon further inspection he noticed on how heavy the switching traffic was with CP and CN switchers running here and there spotting cars in the massive network of spur tracks. Seeing the potential in bringing the origional roots of the Western Valley Railroad back into focus, he set out a goal to buy the rights to this portion of track. With the CP interchange to the north and the CN interchange to the south, he struck up a deal with both major railroads. They would drop cars off on either interchange track and leaving the switching details in the interchange offices, in exchange, the new railroad's name would reflect both of their interests in the Canadian railroad industry, hence the name Canadian Eastern.
    Orange building is mockup of engine facilities. Track that disappears off left edge is CN Interchange.
    Overall view of Taylor and Taylor Harbour. Track that leads off top right corner is CP Interchange.
    Mockup of furniture factory and a few smaller industries that make up small town
    Future home of truck transfer warehouse and TOFC facilities.
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    Looking Good.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  3. abutt

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    The right way to design a layout...

    Although I don't know how you youngsters ever pick up an N gauge car, You certainly are going about building a layout the right way.

    Working out the trackage, roughing in the buildings, kind of bringing everything along together, is going to result in a fine switching layout. I can see the hair-pulling switch problems right away.

    Well done. Keep us up on your progress.:thumb:

  4. Ralph

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    Coming along nicely! I see a lot of switching work in your future. :) Good pics of how effective mock up buildings can be in the planning and building stage!
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    That is a good start, I like the billboard on the Engine House.
    Great photography. Keep up the good work Ed, and keep us posted.

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