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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by mchale, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. mchale

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    hi sorry i can not up load pics because i lost my smd card for my camera plus my srceens broken by my step brother so no pics for a while but my latest builds are of the seaduck by millenium falsehood. a c -27j spartan by paragon which my step brother burned to the ground with a lighter ,paragon's pby catalina done in by stepbrother now my hand drawn models in progress ............ are pirate seaplane from the episode it came from beneath the sea duck ! yes its from talespin! and then we have don karnage's ct -37 the tri-wing terror .then we have the iron vulture
    my own talespin plane which is a conwing/ groman LC-17 WHICH IS a cross between a conwing L-16 and a groman goose not trying to spell grumman ,groman is a take off of grumman ,my own c-119 flying sea boxcar which is a conversion of a flying boat and a flying box car to make my own sea duck model my own grumman albatross and my own grumman goose so what i do is when i make my hand made model is i get a plane scematic and get 4 pieces of paper a ruler and 10 pencils and a pack of 50 colored pencils and a 25 pack of markers and a 10 pack of crayons and go to work i have more hand made models in progress but that will have to wait for another time mchale signing off this thead comments welcome
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    It sounds like your step brother needs a swift kick in the pants! We would all like to see your hand made models, so hopefully you can post some pics soon!

  3. mchale

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    ello thanks kenlwest i think he does to. pics wont come for a while because my camera busted like i stated and my smd card is gone because my spepbroter traded it to someone to get an extra lunch coments still welcome
  4. mchale

    mchale beach boy

    hi comment / questions welcome

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