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    You are probably one of three people. The first, the great majority, are asking themselves "what is the Kettle Valley Railway?" The second are those who have heard of it, but don't really care that much about it. And then there is the third group, those guys and the occasional gal who are passionate about it.

    It is to the third group that I offer this post. A new book has come out and I'm guessing it will not be available that much in the States. The book has only been out about three days now and at my LHS there is a feeding frenzy, but then Vancouver, British Columbia is the Kettle Valley Fan appreciation centre of the universe.

    So here is the book: "Kettle Valley Railway Mile boards, A Historical Field Guide to the KVR" by Joe Smuin, published by North Kidonan Publications 2003

    Here is a link to the LHS that is experiencing the feeding frenzy:

    If you want one, send your email to "Bill" and request one.
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    I received my copy on Monday from Victoria Scale Rail in Victoria.
    Joe Smuin has done a First Rate job on this publication, producing a milepost by milepost, station by station, even bridge by bridge discription of the entire line. The detail, maps and history are all first rate and this publication is a MUST for anyone interested in the history of the Canadian Pacific's second mainline across southern British Columbia from Midway to Hope and Spenses Bridge, also known as the "Kettle Valley Line".

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    I had an opportunity to walk on part of this piece of history this spring. Near Kelowna a group has turned 12 km into walking trails. It is the Myra Canyon region and they have restored some of the old wooden bridges and cleaned up the old rail bed. A bonus are the two tunnels that are part of the trek.

    We have beeen following the fire out in BC since the inlaws live in Kelowna (all is well) But I wonder if the trail managed to survive the fire?

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    The Okanagan Mountain Park fire was moving away from Kelowna toward the south east. it has gone through Chute Lake, however, I have been informed that the lodge was spared and that only a couple of cottages on the east side burned.
    Currently, there appear to be 2 arms of the fire moving with the southern arm being the most active. It has crossed the old roadbed about halfway between the old station sites of Ruth and Lorna, about 3-4 KM north of the Bellevue Creek Trestle (780ft curved steel span).
    The south arm is about 6 KM from the west side of the Myra Canyon and the north arm (the least active at this time) is about 4 1/2 KM away.
    The fire has slowed considerably since its rampage into Kelowna last week, and crews are working aggresivly trying to contain it (70% so far), before expected renewed hot weather and wind return this weekend.


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