New BiPolar Capacitor-Discharge Controller

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by GRSJr, Jun 25, 2005.

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    [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] Please check out the modern bi-polar instant charge capacitor discharge circuit. It has ZERO
    time delay, requires only a small capacitor. a SPST ordinary toggle for Kato machines(DPDT for twin-coil machines), and there is no complicated electronics involved.

    The circuit is fully described in the May issue of Mainline Modeler with a follow-up article
    which has even more details in the current issue (June).

    Several of us have been using this circuit for more than 3 years with excellent results.

    In my control panel, I use Radio Shack Push-Push SPDT switches (RS 275-1555) because I like push-buttons, but SPST toggles work just as well.

    The articles show a physical layout where the push-buttons are finger-spaced for good operation and compact size. This layout requires no complicated PC boards. The parts mount directly on the switches and a terminal strip (RS 274-0680) which provides the means of connecting to the switch machines.

    The circuit was conceived to operate UniTrack turnouts, but it works great with twin-coil machines as well.

    Check it out, Once you've used this circuit, you'll never want to go back to ordinary circuits.

    Ray Stilwell
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    Two questions out of curiosity: what's the total output voltage and how many turnouts can it power at one time?
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    1. The voltage is set to match the switch-machines you're using. For example, I use 12.6 volts on my UniTrack layout and 24 volts on my O-scale layout.
    The voltage is set by the power source you use.
    The voltage limit on the capacitors I use is 50 volts.

    2. The number of machines that can be thrown at once is unlimited since each has it's own small capacitor.

    Ray Stilwell
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    Hi Ray
    I don't get Mainline Modeler and was wondering if there is anywhere else to get information on them?
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    I'm with Clark. I've never seen it here in any shop. If you had a link, that would be great.
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    If you just want to try the idea. hook up the common terminal of a SPST toggle to the + terminal of a capacitor. Hook up the negative terminal of the capacitor to a Unitrack turnout. Connect one terminal of the DPDT to a + power supply and the other to the other wire from the Unitrack turnout and the - power supply lead.. For N scale a 1000 mfd
    cap will be the right size if a 12 - 14 volt supply is used. A cheap DC wall-wart will do the trick for the supply, but I've even run the ckt using the voltage from a throttle, before the speed control of course.
    It takes such a small amount of power that I've thrown 5 turnouts at once and not seen a glitch in the train speed.
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