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    Glad to be of help
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    New test

    Hello ,
    this is a new " scratchbuild test " ,the questions is : wat can i do whith the roof ? paint it ? sand it ? or other ?? i dont no where direction to go for this "test" may be possible to go on a (little)Firebrigade Depot ? ( the blue computer micro switch and a red LED on front panel ) ....hummm ??
    thanks for informations
    dont forget i am a real New Be !!! :cry:

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    your roofs look great!! What are you using, aluminum foil? It looks heavier than normal. Where did you get it?

    You can take some scrap leftover material and experiment with it. Take some paint, it doesn't have to be black, but most people use that, thin it out in a little mixing cup with 3parts water (or 5parts or 7parts, see what look best to you). put in a dab of liquid soap to make the paint wetter. This breaks down the surface tension and lets your paint go into the cracks better. This thinned solution is called a "wash".
    You can brush it on, use a small rag and smear it on, you can streak it on, whatever.
    As it dries you can rub it off in certain spots and see how that looks to you. It the paint does not stick on good enough, you may have to thicken it depending on your material. Watch for paper warping if you get it too wet. For your roofs, if they look like metal roofs in our acid rain country, you may want to make the paint/wash a mixture of green (mostly) and black.
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    flytox, it looks great to me.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Looks good. Around here (Arizona is the "Copper State"), roofs like that could be made from copper. New copper is as we know, a shinny brown. I've done some copper roofs by starting off with copper-colored acrylic I got at Wal-Mart, then weathering it by applying washes of green and blue (natural aging colors), then spraying on an india ink/alcohol wash.

    You can age a tin roof by first painting it with aluminum-colored acrylic and just using the india ink/alcohol wash.

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