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  1. flytox

    flytox New Member

    hello ...
    This is a lot of pictures from my second try , nothing very spécial , but it start with scartching last week for the first time !!!! ( hum !!! )
    I found on this forum, 572 pictures from MY MASTER Robin MATTHYRO , and save this collection images on cdrom for the ETERNITY !!!!! ;)

    also i am veery sorry , but I dont speak verry goed englisch, I spaek only French and Flemisch !! :cry:

    Bye for every one
    roger Flytox Belgium

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  2. flytox

    flytox New Member

    second lot of pictures

    second lot of pictures ..... :oops:

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  3. flytox

    flytox New Member

    3 lot pictures

    Lot pictures Nb 3


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  4. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Nice work and a great tribute to the tradition of carboard scratchbuilding that Robin excelled at and shared with us. Your English is fine by the way. Welcome!
  5. GeorgeHO

    GeorgeHO Member

    They look great, what scale are you modeling in, and are you modeling Belgian RR's?
  6. flytox

    flytox New Member

    hello GeorgeHO ....
    thank you for mail ,
    The scale ??? thats the Big problem for me now !! I dont now ( new be !! ) I wand construct all my "models " in scale HO / 1:87 !! but i dont no how !!! I must absolutly learn on this forum site !!!! All information is welkom for the "Big New Be " that i am !!!!!
    (my little rail way is in scale HO Marklin ... )
    thanks for all info
    best regards
    ps: all begin is very difficult !!!! grrrrrrr
  7. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    If you have measurements for a prototype building, ho scale is 3.5mm=1 foot. I'm not sure how it measures out in metric since you wouldn't use feet in the metric system.
  8. NYCNewbie

    NYCNewbie New Member

    Forget about feet and inches. With metric, it couldn't be easier. Assuming you have a calculator, it's simple. Just divide any real-world measures (in meters for example) by 87, and you get the model length in HO, also in meters. Multiply the result by 100 to get cm, by 1000 to get mm.

    1m (prototype) = 0.0115m (HO) = 1.15cm = 11.5mm
    10cm (prototype) = 1.5mm (HO)
    10mm (HO) = 1cm (HO) = 87cm (prototype) = 0.87m
    1mm (HO) = 87mm (prototype) = 8.7cm = 0.087m
  9. GeorgeHO

    GeorgeHO Member

    Hi, I am assuming you are working with metric numbers, which are more intelligent than the "English" system we use here in the USA. The reason for the stupid 1/87 ratio is that it is a combination of English/metric and American/English measurements.

    If you want to estimate the sizes of your buildings, and want to easily scratch build, you can use the following approximation.

    Estimate a length of something, divide by 100, add 10%.

    For instance, say a building is 30 meters long and you want to determine how it would fit on your layout. Divide the 30 meters by 100 which would give you .3 meters or 30 centimeters? Add 10% (.03 meters) which gives you .33 meters or 33 centimeters.

    I don't work in metric, so my conversion mathematics may be wrong. This method is good enough for my purposes, but machinists will cringe at my calculations.
  10. flytox

    flytox New Member

    hello NYCNB

    thank you for this information, thats wat i need for a good start !!
    I have make to day a other scrach buid test with these infos ... mutch better to work ( doors , windows ,cars !!! )

    salutations and thanks :thumb:
  11. flytox

    flytox New Member

    hello GeorgeHO ..
    thank you verry mutch for information, i think that i never stop now with scarch build !!! hiihi
    big salutations from Brussels !!
  12. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Mr. Fly, your modeling and English are both quite excellent! And what better way to display your buildings than beside ceramic chix in mini-skirts? [​IMG] Why didn't we think of it!

    Why are you having trouble with the scale? Is it the math? Is it conversion of prototype (1:1) to HO (1:87)? Or metric to standard to HO (what a mess that is!)? or ??? I hope I do not offend you by asking! If you don't already have one, a "scale ruler" is a must! It is like a regular ruler, but it shows HO feet instead of inches or centimeters. If you are going from photograsphs, this howto may help:
    (originally a gauge howto, then the pics died when my website died, then my friend took the time to fix it up for me).

    Inneresting the different roofing materials, could you expound on how you do the roofing? :D
  13. belg

    belg Member

  14. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Holy cow, Belg, you speak the lingo (hence the name belg) [​IMG]
  15. flytox

    flytox New Member

    Ok Pat dat zal ik eerst gaan kopen !! ( i need it absolutly ....a scale ruler !!!!! )
    bye ...en groetjes uit Borgerhout city !!!! ( its rain again !!!! ) :D

    roger :wave:
  16. siderod

    siderod Member

    I don't have any ceramic chicks, but i can probably get my girlfriend in a Mini-skirt to model some of my models...does that count? :D

    Very nice work with the cardboard too, Flytox! While i still prefer styrene (easier for me, i guess), i've always been amazed with what some people can do with paper products!

  17. shortliner

    shortliner Member

  18. flytox

    flytox New Member

    hello Jon-Monon ....
    Wat do you think about the scale of the ceramix mini - trix ??? Z, N ,HO ????? I dont no !! ( i need a scale ruler !!! hahahah )
    Please give my a other chance (and time ) , i never see scratch build before past week !!! lol
    Thanks for all informations and also for very interesting links ...
    bye bye :wave:
  19. flytox

    flytox New Member

    HELLO Shortliner ..
    Waouhwwww ...wat a website !!!!! :eek:
    All info that i need as New be !!! (and surprise : in flemich language also !!! )
    thank you for all ...
    (for the scale ruler it is OK .. download on my computer (just print , and glue on cardboard ,plastic protection and : here we go !!!!!! )
    bye bye
  20. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

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