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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by KritterKid, Dec 27, 2000.

  1. KritterKid

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    I haven't been subscribing to Model Railroader or any other popular model railroading magazine for a while (getting too many other magazines!). As a result I don't hear about new models until they're long available. I was reading the post about the Bachmann Shay. What else has Bachmann come out with in the motive power dept.? Anyone know of future plans for an HO Climax? How much does the Shay run?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. George

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    Couldn't tell you about the woodland tea kettles, but I urge you to renew a subscription, or at least pick up one of the mags at a newsstand when the cover interests you every few months. Otherwise you're going to be in the dark as to what people are talking about.

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  3. Brian C

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    In the time that has elapsed since you posted that thread, Bachmann has come out with some wonderful new equipment that looks great and runs great too! They have made an award-winning 2-8-0 Consoildation, 4-6-2 K4s, 4-8-2 Mountain, and, most recently, 4-8-4 N&W J-Class Northern.
    The Shay engine will run you about $125, give or take. You might want to look around on eBay and see if you could get a better price. If you're willing to wait a while, you might even manage to find one for under $100.
    As for your request for an HO scale Climax, Bachmann has not yet produced such an engine. I'd suggest trying the Walthers catalog if you need an HO Climax, but I don't know of a manufacturer offhand. Worse comes to worse, you might have to entertain the idea of purchasing a brass model.
    Hope this helps.

  4. BillD53A

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    Ya sorta have to buy a magazine once in a while to look at the ads. Thats about all they're good for, though. The Shay is supposed to be really nice, but i haven't seen one run and didnt pay much attention to the ones sitting on the store shelves. Bachmann has a 4-6-0 in the works, comparable to their 2-8-0 (which set a whole new standard for model steam). They haven't produced any photos of a model yet...and of course there hasnt been a pilot model shown either. That tells me they are still a year away. Life-Like has some relly nice steam, too. Onliest HO plastic Climax I know of came from Rivarossi, many moons ago. Do a web search and find Bachmann's webpage...there is a forum where you can keep in touch with them. HTH Bill

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