New Alien Goodies.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by movieman, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Some alien goodies I found online..... number of these claim to be 1:1 scale models.......... these models where created by Cuguel Noturno.... they are password protected..... I do not know the passwords.... so you will need Pepakura Viewer to open them with from here for free : http://www.tamasoft....oad/viewer.html.

    Models are in a rar file so you will need winrar to open and extract them..... the file contain...1:1 alien runner......1:1 alien chestbuster.......1:1 Alien egg........ Alien bust.........1:1 Alien Facehugger.

    Steve :thumb:
  2. Zathros

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    Those links work and are not password protected. Some nice models there.
    The authors name is listed, and there is no indication about not distributing them either, so, seems O.K. to me.
  3. cblf49

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    When I un-RARed the files no password was necessary.
  4. MTK

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    I was only able to get a couple to download, the facehugger and the dog-alien-runner. It's nice to see them textured, but they really are low poly, still... They are nice models.
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  6. MTK

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    Thanks for that, those are all some decent looking card models.

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