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    My brother found this print at a flea market. Whats the story on this old depot located in New Albany Indiana? I always thought it was Monon? K & I?


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    Hey, you guys are getting into my stompin' grounds now! :)
    If I'm not mistaken, that depotwas just north of what was known as the K&I bridge, & what people here in Louisville called the 22nd Street Bridge...the bridge carried both road & rail traffic, & was the only direct connection between Louisville & New Albany until the late 60's, when the Shermin-Minton Bridge joined the 2 cities via Interstate 64.
    The bridge is still in use (I believe both NS & CSX share trackage rights on it now) but is closed to automobile traffic.
    The depot is gone, but if memory serves, it served for awhile as a maintainence shed.
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    :eek: Oooooooooooo..what a very cool building. Too bad we don't have more views. Someone should scratch build that puppy

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