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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Paragon, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Paragon

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    Ok, so I didn't exactly find this site, but I figured I'd make a thread for it...since not everyone reads my design thread.

    Paragon Cardmodels |
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    Very cool Paragon!
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    Hooray! Finally a site for Paragon's models!!!
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  8. Paragon

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    You mean because it's on the P.212.03 models? Thats...a little odd.
  9. edi

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    a little..... you`re very polite!
    yes, it`s the B&V

    only stamp collectors are allowed to have the swastika on their own stamps.. but no modelers.....
    it`s impossible to built and to SHOW a model which is original WW2, and also the industry is feared of punish-taxes to do so, alot of lawyers is waiting! For example:the Polish publishers glue etiketts over the Swastikas........

    yes, indeed, ridiculous
  10. Paragon

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    Not even for historical reference then? That sounds awfully repressive.
  11. Thanks Paragon, very nice indeed. I like the layout as well.
  12. Wow, I never knew that. It does seem like overkill to me. I can understand their desire to remove any connection between the swaztika and modern Germany but you can't erase history. What happened happened. While I find it hard to build a model with it present I don't criticise those who do. Nor do I think it should be erased from history. For me every time I see it, I am reminded of what the Nazis did. We should never forget. Just like 9/11 the motto "We will never forget" should be prominent in our lives. we need occasional reminders now and then like the Swaztika because we become complacent. I believe the law is to prevent NeoNazis from rising again. But guess what? they are still there in the milions. Banning the Swaztika will not stop these morons. it is like putting your head in the sand and believing people will forget.
  13. Lex

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    ...Japan never banned showing the swastika or flag of Imperial Japan in public... But guess what, now I see a rising trend in the appreciation of WWII German and Japanese weapons (with those symbols shown in a somewhat "positive" way), --I don't really think that's a good trend either...

    *No offense to Japanese intended. Let's not derail this thread and pull things back to topic ^^
  14. dansls1

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    As I understand it - you can show Swastikas for historical reference but not on toys - and models are considered toys.

    *Back on topic - nice site Paragon - thanks for sharing ;)
  15. Rick Thomson

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    Models on display in a museum are permited to have historically correct marking, as far as I know this is the only exception.

    That aside, a very nice site Paragon.
  16. Paragon

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    Ok, I had an idea, and decided to make it a little bit eaiser for the Germans to post links to my site, by creating this site:

    Paragon Kartonmodellbau Deutsch-Portal |

    Its a German portal site. It contains no swastikas, so you should be allowed to link to it (or do I not understand how it works?), and I'm American, so I'm allowed to link directly to my site from it.

    Let me know if the German needs some work, I used Google to translate it.
  17. yaniv

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    what anice model
    what a nice web site

    thenk u thenk u thenk u :)
  18. edi

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    I have fixed the link, and the admin said it`s no problem. Before, also a lot of modellers wanted the link - Alles rund um's Kartonmodell... | Kostenlose Downloads | Paragon: neue Downloadseite

    btw: your German is perfect sign1

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