New 1/48 scale Lunar Module available.

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by adensley, Oct 21, 2004.

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    Simply Gorgeous LEM.

    Hope its accurate, I may or may not build it from paper, but it sure can help with making a super-detailed plastic one...

    Thanks much... --AJ Madison
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    Make a model out of plastic? What a novel idea. But I don't think you will see much of that around here. :)
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    You Don't Even Want To Know...

    You don't even want to know what I'm doing with the Vostok-R-7 or the Precision Paper Space Saturn 1b. *wink*

    Though for the most part, the only thing I'm doing differently with those is cutting the parts out of plasticard instead of paper. Though changing the scale of the R-7 was momentarily challenging, since a larger scale model from those sheets required less reduction of the original (vs. more enlargement).

    I am somewhat of *flake* in terms of cardmodeling. I have built them, aboslutely, but consistently with the intention of 'can or how do I convert this to plasticard or resin?'. I was attempting to 'make my own' Luft '46 fighter, as a prototype towards a scratcbuilt project, but the CAD work was so much effort and took up so much time, that I felt I might as well go straight to carving blocks of balsa. OTOH, various touraments that my children participate in are coming up, and I'll have hours upon hours to kill waiting for a 2 1/2 minute performance, so I might spend the time with my laptop and a 3D CAD program.
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    Been Away, but Thanks

    Wow. Been away awhile. Cool, 20 thou sheet (for those of who live in metric challenged parts of the world) into an ink jet printer. And I have a printer that up and died on me would not be a tragedy. So I'll have to try it. Thanks.
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    Udon 1/48 Lm

    An excellent model-I built it scaled up to 1/12. Its missing a few pieces, the 'chin' under the hatch, the landing radar and landing radar heatshield. But very nicely done, time consuming though not too difficult.

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