New! 1-25scale ammo for tiger I

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    One of the new kit by Panzer Hobby Art .
    High-quality rolled brass and aluminum rounds to 1-25 scale models . Kit for use in the following models:
    Flak 18 / 36/37
    Kit produced for the Panzer Hobby Art by Aber on the basis of documentation prepared by Przemyslaw Wojdas / Przemek_W /.

    One set includes:

    10 brass scales

    1 photoetched kit with the 12-orifice is the 3-s types of projectiles and

    after 3 rounds APCBC , 3x HEAT , 3x HE-FRAG.

    Round should to be paint .Pain not included.

    If You accept this product I will take another step towards the development of ammo to the Panthers and Panzer IV.
    Goods will be available from Saturday, 31.01.10. Welcome .


    By the way do You know new Aber product to german 1-25scale vehicles?

    German 2m antenna

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