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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by 60103, May 26, 2004.

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    Can anyone provide me with information on the NEM standard coupler pocket? Either the standards or a link to them?
    (NEM is the European standard coupler mount.)
    I just acquired my first loco (Hornby Q1) with NEM pockets and thought I would put Kadees on it. I found that I had problems with its slipping out of some other Kadees. All seemed to match the standards gauge. Then I mounted Kadees on some Bachman wagons. Thes came out about half a coupler too high! I noticed that the Hornby coupler is flat across the top while the Bachman one has a vertical jog down. They can't both be "standard".
    Kadees in the Bachman wagons tend to rub against the coupling hook in the buffer beam unless the really long ones are used. In the Q1 the coupler shank collides with the brake pipes.
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    Since you're talking about Hornby I guess you're in H0. Here is a link to the HO version of the NEM standard coupler pocket. (Dimension in millimetres of course :D) (direct link to the NEM standard collection)
    or (a pdf sheet like the N version of krokodil)

    Perhaps I'll find the same in English...

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    With Kadee's, there are quite a variety, even for NEM, this little lot is only part of my collection of differing Kadee types. Most Bachmann rolling stock have the facility to add the standard Kadee #5 or indeed sometimes comes with a similar type fitted. This website and the photos below should give you an idea. couplers _june_03.htm



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    Thanks for the links. Haven't had time to explore yet. The couplers are the 17 to 20 series. In Shamus's picture, they're the ones with the swallow tails. They're supposed to just pop out and pop in, but all the Kadees have the shank coming in to the bottom of the knuckle, so the height of the pocket should be standard. I also have a pair of clones that I bought; same thing.
    The Bachman cars are 4-wheel English prototype.
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    (Almost) Every KADEE coupler must be adjusted after installation. KADEE has very good tools for that (Pliers and the gauge). This is a general problem and is also actual for NEM pockets. The height of the Pocket is more or less standardised in NEM, however there are always some differences among manufacturers.
    First of all the height of the coupler head must be correct, after this the metal rod below must be bended just above the railhead. (See also KADEE instructions)
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    An Answer!

    I found part of my answer in another forum (British Railway Modelling). Apparently, some of the early Bachman coupler pockets were mounted too high. Remember, these are 4-wheel cars I'm talking about. They're about 2mm too high and I don't think they can be lowered without running into the axle.
    Still not decided about the brake/heating pipes in the loco.

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