Needed!!! Star Wars Paper Models

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by bugman72, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. One of the TIE Interceptors in my archive reads:

    RPG elements:

    Models known to exist (I have):
    Imperial Landing Craft
    Tydirium shuttle
    Millenium Falcon
    Naboo Fighter
    Obi Wan's lightsaber
    Jango Fett's helmet
    Zam's speeder
    TIE fighter
    TIE Interceptor
    TIE bomber
    Star Destoyer
    Jawa Sandcrawler
    Yoda's face
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    This TIE-interceptor completely the russian-ukrainian development, he is created my familiar friends. The only thing that is taken from the Japanese interceptor is his desktop support.

    I too have all those models, and the some people even on some variants from different developers.
    Nevertheless, though at me is 2 or 3 X-Wing, but I all the same continue to search for additional materials and the information on this fighter for development of own model. And with gratitude I shall take part any help including electronic materials about him.
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    I have the majority of these,less duplicates of the same subject.
    What is the "T3M4"?and where is it located?
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    So, can anyone post a link to where the Destroyer and TIE interceptor can be purchased??? :shock:
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    Thanks! I didn't have that one.
    I haven't been to The haggards site in a while and didn't even think about the "hako" group.

    Nice backstory on it too.
  6. These:
    Are INNER BRAIN models, pirates and criminals distribute these, unless you're lucky and can find one legally. They probably go for around $100 USD.

    The smaller TIE and Destroyer
    Are here
    But due to real or perceived violations against him he has chosen to discontinue availability.

    A Destroyer is mundane geometric projections, but the panel detailing will take longer than the pattern layout.

    Has to do with ZABEL. I can only find the Fighter and parts (incomplete?) for the Interceptor with the identifying cyrillic.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Bugman,

    Way back when you started this thread I told you I had seen various star wars models for download and that I would look and post them for you again as I came across them. Then later you mentioned you had at one time built or had the plans for the battle droids from episode I the phantom menace. Well, I came across the battle droid download page again and thought I would pass it on to you in case you havent gotten it again already. It looks like a fairley tall model. I considered posting a photo, but its a bitmap image and I dont hae time to convert right now, but you can find the model photos and download (its a .rar file) here on this link :

    I will continue to be on the look out for others for you, hope this helps in your "quest" to replace your models.

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA(GW)
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  9. Tirta

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Tirta,

    Ok, to answer your first of the last two post, yes i believe they are the same models, but I could be wrong, but they sure look the same. Now for the "uncolored" battledroid. You might try clicking "file" in top left corner then "page set up" then "propeties" and then click "print in grayscale" (black and white). Sometimes this will work, if it doesnt, you will have to copy the pdf pages to jpeg or another format and remove the colors by hand, which can be a great undertaking if its a big file. There will be lines that have to be redrawn usually and so you may end up using the paint program and/or a photo editing progtam too, so I would suggest that you try "print in grayscale" first.
    If you have questions about how to set this up, you can email me and I will be happy to help ya anyway I can.

    Greg aka GEEDUBYA
  11. Tirta

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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the replies.

    I have tried to make the file greyscale using photoshop.
    However, I still can not undo the light shadow effects.
    Is there an easy way to remove it?
    If I have to redraw it, it takes too much time.



    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy again Tirta,

    Ok, the only other thing I can suggest other than removing the shading by hand and redrawing any lines that may also be removed would be to use a photo editing program that has "convert to line drawing" . this function works somtimes, but not always with the results you desire. Someone else may be able to "chime in" and offer another suggestion. But, removing by hand the shading is the only thing i can think of and yes it is time consuming.

  13. Tirta

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    OK thanks Greg.

    BTW do you know how to get those white droid at: ?



    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy again Tirta,

    Ok, well I went to then clicked on "language tools" just to the right of the search box then once the translation page appeared, i typed in the website name and translated from japanese to english, which gave me this page :

    if you will go to that link above, and click on gallery 2 (where the droid is located), you will see that it says:

    "With gallery 2 we introduce the non- commercial business work.
    The キャラ of the taste it multid-layerize from the work of the various genres to which the writer so far receives being impressed.
    - Including respect and appreciation in all works, -

    - Not for sale -"

    HOWEVER!....... up at the top of the page, in the logo (very top of page) you will see what appears to be a small green envelope. This is the link to email the site owner. you might try emailing him and asking if there is someway you can aquire the star wars battledroid model on gallery page 2.
    I hope this has been of some help to you, maybe the site owner will "slip" you a copy of the model.

  15. After being harassed to distribute the StarDestroyer model against the designer's wish,
    I then offer up evidence of my own design...
    interest has zeroed off, no comment offered, and there is non-action to accept the posting of the CAD file.

    Due to this lack of interest my StarDestroyer mesh is tossed into permanent archive while I continue on worthy projects.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Seems a little extreme considering you never commented that you were making this (showing CG pics tells me nothing more than that you have a mesh). I have posted several projects at various sites that recieved no comment until I actually released the product.

    As for my lack of comment, I am DESPERATELY trying to do final build and changes to my first commercial model (e.g. for purchase) and don't spend a whole lot of time doing anything but working and checkin email.

    For my belated two cents, The mesh looks good, you should finish it.

  17. SCEtoAux

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    Re: trade fed droid

    I use PaintShop Pro. There is a command called Trace Contour (Effects>Edge>Trace Contour) that will get rid of almost all of the color. PhotoShop probably has a similar command. Try it out and see if it is close to what you want.

    You would have to do some clean up of pixels left behind that you might not want and add back any details that might want. I always work on a duplicate image so the original does not get ruined by accident (i.e. mash the wrong button and save a messed up, unrecoverable version of the original image). It also lets me see what details might need to be added back. :)
  18. Yeah, I know I'm being a dung about this, but I thought it was reasonably apparent that the flat-rendered mesh image was an original.

    I cobbled through the design (Imperator-class star destroyer, is what I think I'm doing) after a quick reference to the existing cardmodel, zooming a couple screenshots and checking images of retail and studio models (and Noted modifications into a mesh conversion log; design work to do after flattening the model, such as adding overhang to the stacks up to the command tower, thruster cone details, and layered hull elements.
    By my measure the most consuming part of the design is sketching on the panel and surface details, even though I've already done what some may consider the most difficult part.
    In the end I'm not impressed with my own work, and have only a middling care for the subject.

    Having received steady requests to send the existing cardmodel... all email stopped at the time I posted image of my primary mesh. It was like all demand for the Star Destroyer evaporated several days ago.

    The mesh is available in the Parts Bin.
    Some SW theist can go conclude the work into a feasible kit. There are chances I may get back to it.

    I never made any promise that a likeable friendly personality is attached to these skills, and I'm not feeling all that healthy this week.

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