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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by bugman72, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    I'm trying to find either a usable link or someone who has the downloaded files for some Star Wars paper models. The models that I'm looking for originally came from, but that site is no longer active.

    At one time I had all the models from that site downloaded, but after a physical disk crash of my hard drive and my stupidity of not backing it up, I've lost everything. I'm trying to get everything back that I can remember having, but am coming up very short in regards to these models.

    If someone has a valid link or has the downloaded files and instructions (since they were freely available, I don't believe this request violates forum rules, correct?), could you please send me an email to I am REALLY needing to get these models, as I am working on a Star Wars display in the back of my home theater and would love to add these items to my display.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy bugman,

    I dont know about the link you were asking about, but, if you could be more specific as to which models you are looking for, i know where tie fighters, x-wings, trylium shuttles, and that big elephant looking thingy (at-ay) is on various sites. and NOBI, produced a model of an as-at, the two legged version of on of the vehicles. but if you could be abit more specific I could find those links for you.

  3. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    I've been able to trace the gentleman's site down. He has has changed URLs, but the new website reflects that due to the models being downloaded and sold on Ebay without his consent, the copyrighted models (Star Wars and Star Trek) are not being made available for download right now (which doesn't help me!)

    The new site is If you go into the Gallery section, you will see the Star Wars models that I am wanting. His models are absolutely amazing. I've built several of the Imperial Probe droids and they are quite nice. My ulitmate goal and reason for trying to track these items down, is to build a large scale AT-AT. My office has a 36" wide inkjet plotter and I have a very good friend who works at the local Kinko's. I plan on plotting the sheets out on the plotter and then have my friend heat-set them onto heavy stock. I hope to be able to build one that stands somewhere around 3 feet high.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    its me again bug,

    here are some links you might be interested in:

    Original URL:

    Imperial Landing Craft- really nice pics on this site of the finished model


    TYDIRIUM SHUTTLE - another nice site with good pics


    and I have also seen a model of the death star should you want it, just let me know, the above links I gathered from the 3d models website in the "space" heading.

    For the at-at, if you will give me abit, I will post a site with that for you.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy again Bug,

    Here you will find a free download of the at-at and the tie fighter:

    for another version of the tie fighter, you might try this link, it has a nice looking one but in a different configuration:

    and rick has just given me more links to post for you:

    and you might contact NOBI thru the pm system here in the forum, and inquire about his at-st, the two legged version of the walker type machine, it was a free download of a model he created and shared in a thread here.

    GEEDUBBYA (with links also from rickstef)

  6. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    Thanks for the links. The AT-AT looks pretty good and I may try it out if I can't get the ones that I've been searching for. It's really a shame that they were pulled. The AT-AT was AMAZING! It was fully posable and all leg joints were designed to be movable as well as the neck.

    I'm going to keep looking to see if I can find them, but at least I have an alternative if I fail.

    Thanks again. Anyone else have any good links or files?

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member


    You are more than welcome, I surf the net regularly and come across all sorts of stuff, usually comng across the same things 2-3 times a month thru various links. Sometimes ppl say that its more like "finding something that isnt lost", but, for ppl who are new to card modeling or looking for something specific, even old things can be new again, so I dont let the negative remarks deter me from posting links that alot of ppl have seen before, cause invariably, they are new to someone.
    I am glad I could be of some help to you and if there is anything you or anyone else needs, I am more than happy to do what I can for ya.
    Like I say when I post an internet find...."when I win, we all win, I share the wealth".

  8. Mace

    Mace Member

    Well said Geedubbya :D

    By the way Bugs if your looking for a Y-wing I got one somewhere of the web a long time ago...If you want it please PM me with you email and I'll send it to ya...bcause I don't have my one website to post it. :lol:

    Greetz Mace
  9. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    Thanks for the offer, Mace. You can send it to my email address that's in my first post, if you don't mind.

    I'm really needing to locate that highly detailed AT-AT!!! It's killing me!! I tried hooking up my old fried hard drive with a glimpse of hope that I would be able to pull just that directory off, but I believe I'm going to be out of luck.

    Surey someone out there downloaded this file and would be gracious enough to email it to me. PLEASE!!!!
  10. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    Thanks to everyone who has either sent me an email or a PM regarding this model! I now have the files that I need now and am currently working on colorizing the plans based on pictures of the Master Replicas AT-AT that I found at

    Watch the forum in the next couple of weeks for an in-progress report. This thing is going to be big. I'm planning on the feet themselves to be around 6" in diameter.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    WOW 6" dia. feet? we are talking labador retriever size or bigger. Be glad you wont have to feed it anything other than glue. We look forward to the pics.

  12. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Hi y'all,
    I'm wondering whether anyone here has come across a model of a Star Wars imperial star destroyer or super-destroyer (free or not) on the web. My six-year-old has become a serious fan of the first trilogy and it looks like I'm going to have to make him one out of paper -- the $300 bill for the Lego set is definitely out of my price range.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Simon,

    I have seen a star destroyer somewhere, and I have been looking since you posted this request but to no avail. But fear not! Like I tell the guys in here, I do alot of surfing and come across things I have seen before fairly regularly and I am sure I will find the link again. I dont believe its a freebie, but its not as expensive as the legos.
    I will keep looking for you, and when I come across it, I will send you the link thru here.
    Until then, you might try the links I posted above for the tie fighter, x-wing, shuttle and millinium falcon models. Oh and wait, heres one more that, although its not a ship, everyone who like star wars should have......R2D2. You can find this free paper model at :

    anyway I will continue looking.

  14. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Is this a kit or a scratch-built? Where did you find it?
  15. zabel

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  16. zabel

    zabel New Member

    Was available in view of, that those models are collected russian both ukrainian modelmakers, and any image do not apply for the rights develop those models.... But among all of them sometimes there are also own development when I shall find a photo - shall show....
  17. zabel

    zabel New Member

    Example this

    or this
  18. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member

    Great pics, but are there any models to download?

    The TIE interceptor and Imperial Destroyer are BEAUTIFUL! Where can I find those models in the States?

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