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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by furman, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. furman

    furman Member

    I have a subscription to Maly Modelarz through Ruch, in Poland, and I think it should be expiring soon. I sent an email in English more than a month ago asking when my subscription would expire and for instructions to renew but have not heard back.

    Can somebody please write a note in Polish asking:
    1) when is my subscription up, and 2) how can I renew it so I dont miss an issue?

    I'll then paste in an email and re-send.

  2. robson

    robson Member

    Here you go:

    1. Kiedy sie konczy moja prenumerata?

    2. W jaki sposob przedluzyc prenumerate aby nie stracic zadnego numeru?

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    Hey when you find out about your subscription, do ya think I could get you to give me some details about the cost per yr and how to order a subscription. I knew that they plublished them either monthly or bi-monthly, but I figured you had to order them individually as kits, I was unaware you could get a yrs worth this way.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    I am interested also. Please pass along some details when you can.
  5. furman

    furman Member

    Thank you Robson, I appreciate your help.

    The subscription costs $58 (U.S.) and I get the models about two months after they're published. You can get them quicker by air, but I use the cheapest method and since I have enough models to keep me busy I don't mind the wait. The problem is all the correspondence is in Polish so I don't even know if I got a renewal notice yet. They also sometimes publish one kit for more than one month so I don't know if the subscription covers 12 models or twelve months.

    You can get your subscription here:!sklep.swp?sesid=rpmmvfbqvreiori&lng=2&code=1001&cat_id=741&num_products_id=3377

    I hope the link is not too long - it fits in the posting window though just fine.
  6. robson

    robson Member

    No problem, just let me know if you need to translate something.
    Subscription covers one whole year (12 months) but MM is known for being late sometimes for months...
  7. Leif Oh

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    Furman, only because you asked: Yes, that particular link did make the page go wider than the
    minimum width (at least with my standard setting for fonts, and in all readable sizes as well),
    thus creating difficulties for people with not so big monitors, thus giving me an opportunity to
    demonstrate the advantage of making manual line breaks, in a special case like this.

    Not harping, just 'cause you wanted to know. The alternative would have been to make it
    this way: Text

    You can get your subscription here


    (Always looking for an opportunity to scratch up another Brownie point, ain't I...)

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